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About Us

Our Director, Sean Mac Anbhaird, established Core Sash Windows in 2007. Sean had decades of experience as a carpenter, and had spent several years restoring the original features of period London properties, when he first had the inspiration to establish his own company. With so much exposure to the products that were available at the time, Sean could not understand why double glazing could not keep faithful to the elegant features of traditional windows – thin glazing bars, narrow meeting rails, curvaceous sash horns and exquisite attention to detail.

Sean was adamant that discerning homeowners should no longer have to choose between traditional elegance and modern comfort, and it was from this desire for the best of both worlds that Core Sash Windows was born.

Since its birth, Core Sash Windows has evolved and adapted to the prevalent needs of its customer base. We originally offered only the products and installation – not the fully comprehensive service that is offered today. Whilst customers were happy with their new windows and doors, inexperienced third-party trades would then be hired by clients to ‘finish’ the job and would inadvertently paint the sashes shut or damage the glass. Organising the additional trades, and then rectifying the resulting issues, caused unnecessary hardship and inconvenience to our busy customers.

Resultantly, Sean decided to take control of a job from start to finish. By offering a fully comprehensive service, Core Sash Windows now holds full responsibility for a job, allowing us to rely on the expertise of our experienced painters and carpenters to ensure an entirely satisfied customer.

Company Details:

Core Building & Carpentry Ltd
31 Leswin Road, N16 7NU (Reg: 06134570, VAT: 974359182)
Registered in England and Wales

S. Mac Anbhaird


R. Marshall

Surveyor & Head Carpenter

T. Pankovas

Scheduling Manager

D. Rustemoglu