What is Engineered Timber?


Engineered Timber is the 21st Century solution to the traditional disadvantages of solid timber!

Engineered timber is composed of flawless cuts of solid FSC Certified European Redwood, which are then glued, compressed and laminated together in a pattern of alternating wood grains. Through this process, a single structural member can be manufactured with no imperfections or weak spots. Furthermore, the alternating-grain pattern ensures that Engineered Timber is always pulling against itself, preventing the warping and bowing associated with solid timber and resulting in a product that, if properly maintained, will last a lifetime.

As Engineered Timber is made from finger jointed sections of solid timber, there is no need to source an entirely flawless piece of wood. There is also 25% less waste with Engineered Timber windows, when compared with solid timber, meaning that Engineered Timber is both more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.



Solid Timber


Solid timber is burdened by imperfections, often leading to one of two possible results: either you will receive imperfect timber with knots and/or weak points, or the manufacturer will need to source large pieces of timber that are literally flawless throughout at a premium price.

Additionally, timber naturally expands and contracts, twisting in the direction of the grain. As solid timber has one consistent grain throughout the entire cut, the entire length will twist in the same direction which can lead to warping and bowing.



Hardwood vs Softwood


There is a common misconception that hardwood is a better material for windows and doors. The logic is that as hardwood is denser, it is sturdier, and therefore better than softwood.

However, with regards to wooden windows and doors, the joinery is only required to support the weight of itself and the Double Glazed Unit. To this extent, the density of the wood is mostly irrelevant. The key factors when considering the durability of this type of wooden product are whether it will warp, how it will withstand the elements and whether it can withstand water / moisture.

As mentioned above, our FSC Certified Engineered Timber is actually more resistant to warping than solid hardwood, and thanks to our multiple layers of Teknos micro-porous paints, they will resist the elements for a lifetime if properly maintained.


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