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Why should I get shutters?

Shutters can really add a touch of elegance to your home and can be made to look great almost anywhere. In addition, with such a wide range of options / colours available, there’s something for everyone. Shutters are a great addition to your home and some styles have been popular for hundreds of years. Their practicality, functionality and alluring design has ensured that they have remained popular for a very long time. If you live in a house that looks like it needs a new lease on life, new windows or shutters might be a good way to go about it.

Aside from looking good, what other benefits are there?

Shutters aren’t just good for making your home look great, but also have many other benefits. In colder months, they prevent heat loss and provide privacy. Although our satin glass windows are always a good choice for privacy, having shutters in front of your windows means that you always have the option of closing them for privacy or keeping them open to allow the natural light to flood the room. In the hotter months, you can either leave them open altogether or just move the slats a little to allow some airflow. They have a slightly longer lead time than double glazing, but they’re easier to fit when it comes to installation.

What different styles are available?

You have three different types of timber to choose from, ranging from Basswood to Elm. There are also several different styles you can choose from. That’s the full length traditional plantation style, continental style cafe shutters, or a modern ‘tier on tier’ design. Any of these designs can be produced with slats or as a solid timber design with raised or flat panels. If you would like a better idea of the end product we can make sure we bring a bag of samples for you to see.

Take a look at what we can provide and let us know what takes your fancy!

Believe it or not, people think that the first shutters were used in ancient Greece and that they were made out of marble. Eventually, shutters spread throughout Europe and with the availability of timber as opposed to marble, they were commonly made from wood.

The infamous King Louis XIV ‘The Sun King’ of France helped to popularise shutters in his own way. Famed throughout Europe for his debauchery, many beautiful women of the court in Versailles would relax in his gardens; even bathing there. With this came a problem in that it tended to distract the many guards on duty! In order to keep the guards focused on their duties without sacrificing his kingly prerogative to have a peep himself, Louis ordered that louvered shutters be installed in the garden walls.

Our Timber Options:

Affordable Basswood

Basswood is the most affordable timber we currently offer. It’s high quality hardwood with the same smooth grain as Poplar and comes in 64mm or 89mm slats with front or hidden pushrods, giving you greater control over the way the product looks. These shutters are available in a range of colours – just ask your surveyor!

Classic Poplar Wood

Our most popular choice, poplar is a sustainable hardwood and typically has a straight, uniform grain, and when spray painted in the factory it leaves a beautiful smooth finish. Poplar is a great compromise between cost and aesthetics.

Premium Elm Wood

Premium elm is  the most expensive wood we currently offer, but with its natural grain texture, this high quality hardwood is just as durable as the poplar, and looks incredible in any home. Our premium elm shutters are available in over 10 wash painted colours and an additional 10 stained colours.

Our Style Options:

Cafe Style

Made popular in the coffee houses and tea rooms of the 19th century, cafe shutters are an enduring example of continental chic. Our premium elm shutters are available in 10 wash painted colours and an additional 10 stained colours.

Tier on Tier

A modern choice that gives you the flexibility to open either the top, the bottom, or both at the same time. Tier on Tier shutters are a popular choice for busy London streets, giving you the option between a bit of privacy or letting in as much light as possible. These shutters are great for bedrooms and living rooms!

Full Length

The classic, traditional plantation shutter design. Charming and timeless, these shutters look beautiful in just about any home! These come with slats or solid timber panels – either raised or lowered. These are a great all-rounder.


Affordable Traditional Elegance!

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