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Front Doors

What’s special about our traditional front doors?

All our products, from our sash windows to our doors, are designed with tradition in mind. Front doors are often the most ornate feature of your typical period property, so we have a lot of experience in producing them. They often have unique moulding and design features which other suppliers may not be able to offer with confidence. We pride ourselves on delivering traditional products the way a customer wants them, but without compromising on modern benefits. We can give you some technical documents to describe the door to help put your mind at rest.

When should I change my door?

A door that’s hard to operate can be annoying at best. If you’re really unlucky you might find yourself locked out of your house. Repairs or draught proofing are an option, but can only go so far. Front doors are one of the main culprits of draught in the home, so it’s good to give it some TLC every now and again. Older doors also have less secure locking systems, which criminals are always on the lookout for. If your door is difficult to open, draughty or if you feel it may be insecure, it may be time to think about changing it.

Our Design Philosophy

Our traditional front doors combine the strength of modern materials with period designs, resulting in an elegant and enduring entryway. They come with two factory-sprayed primer coats and two factory-sprayed topcoats. When we’re on site we can also hand paint a topcoat of Teknos micro-porous paint. With our factory sprayed coats and hand painted coat, they benefit from a finish that keeps their period character. The safety of your home is ensured by an ASSA multi-point locking system. You can operate the system with your choice of either a handle, thumb-turn, or a key-operated system. We are also capable of producing almost any existing period style. This allows you to upgrade your front door to Engineered Timber, toughened double-glazing, and multi-point locking. We can also produce your doors without any locks at all, which means we could fit any lock (like Banham) or ironmongery you’d like. All while still keeping the beauty and upgrading the security of your original front door!

For door replacement we can offer fully comprehensive fitting or basic fitting.

Comprehensive Door Replacement

In this service we provide door replacement, disposal and full repairing afterwards. No other trades will be required to support this procedure in any way. For a full rundown please check the comprehensive door replacement page.

Basic Door Replacement

In this service we remove and replace the door but that’s about it. Great if you have other building work that crosses over.

Unless specifically agreed, the following services will not be provided:


  • Sand and cement pointing or temporary silicone seal.
  • Rubbish removal. Rubbish will be left at an agreed location on site.
  • Hand painting.
  • Architraves, Bullnose / Window boards.

All our products are bespoke, so additional options for front doors include, but are not limited to:

Paint Options:

  • Any RAL colour.
  • Two-tone paint – separately match both your internal and external colour schemes.

Design Options:

  • Your choice of hardware.
  • Your choice of hardware colour.
  • Your choice of glazing bars. Glazing bars are the strips of timber on the surface of the glass.
  • Curved tops or square tops.
  • Your choice of timber moulding based on our traditional designs.
  • Coloured glass like the sash window brlow

Other Options:

  • Your choice of satin glass, safety glass or acoustic glass.
  • Click here to view or download a catalogue of obscured glass options.
  • Banham Security Locks or locks of your choice that we can make work on our doors.
  • Double Glazed Fanlights / Sidelights
  • Your House Number / House Name etched into a fanlight as seen below.

In the past, your front door was as much a statement of wealth and social standing as a practical entryway.

As a result, doors were quite ornate with unique moulding and carvings. From stained glass to the furniture and architraves, every part of the door would be designed to shout loudly about the wealth of the owner. If they were rich enough to have a servant, polishing the household brass would be part of the daily routine. These doors were are an essential feature of the period home.

To some degree, doors are still used as a display of wealth today. You could buy a cheap plastic door from Wickes or Anglian Home Improvements but our customers prefer the traditional designs because, simply put, it looks better. In a similar way to older eras, our doors make a statement about the owner.

Traditional, Elegant and Secure!

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