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Aluminium Doors

We recognize that Timber isn’t necessarily everyone’s bag, so we like to offer a wider range of products to be able to cater for the huge variety in taste and requirements throughout London. While Aluminium could never match the familiar, traditional aesthetic of a Timber window, it does offer strength, durability and high resistance to corrosion, giving you slim profiles, less frame and more glass thanks to its natural strength. We believe that between our Aluminium and our Timber products, and with the wide range of finishes available, we can cater to almost any taste. For any of you architects or builders out there – if you want to see some technical stuff just let us know!

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors:

Bi-Fold doors are doors that slide open whilst the panels themselves fold and stack up against the wall leaving a concertina effect. Bi-folding doors are perfect to connect to an outdoor area, particularly for a garden entrance or conservatory.






Aluminium Sliding Doors:

Sliding Doors are a modern solution to an old problem – how to save space in the limited confines of a London home.  These doors allow natural light into the property while eliminating the space that would usually be taken up by the opening door sashes.

Sliding Doors French Doors








Aluminium French Doors:

A classic and timeless design, French Doors are still as popular today as they were in the 17th Century. Using Aluminium for a product like this allows you to keep the frames thin, allowing you to flood your room with daylight, while still benefiting from the resistant properties of the Aluminium.

French Doors French Doors








If you’re interested in products from our Aluminium range, please give our office a call on 020 3302 2060 and speak to a member of staff. We’ll be able to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey and will then come back to you with a quotation.

Reynears is one of the world’s premium manufacturers of Aluminium, which is why we insist our factory sources our Aluminium exclusively from them!