Door Draught Proofing

We understand that maintaining the traditional appearance of your property is crucial for some customers. That’s why, in addition to door replacement, we also provide door draught proofing in London to help you achieve optimal heat insulation and noise exclusion while keeping the same charming look and feel of your sash windows or front doors.

Full rundown of the door draught proofing service:

  • Remove the door from the frame.
  • Carry out any necessary repairs & fill all cracks with epoxy resin.
  • Once resin is dry, sand woodwork.
  • Prime all bare timber with Teknos micro-porous base primer.
  • Router the bottom of the door to provide a channel for the Aquatex A10 weatherseal (white).
  • Groove out channel in frame and fit Aquatex A10 weatherseal (white).
  • New and bare timber sections will be decorated with Teknos micro-porous standard RAL colour 9016 ‘Traffic White”. *Additional paint colours must be provided by client.
  • Re-hang the door and ensure it moves freely within it’s opening.
  • All ironmongery will be re-adjusted to accommodate the new draught proofing.
  • All work areas will be fully protected and vacuumed each evening.

Door draught proofing vs replacement

Depending on the condition of your door, our surveyor may advise replacement. Occasionally we’ve been asked to draught proof doors or windows that were so old and decrepit that they were practically falling apart. For example, if our carpenters need to remove chunks of the door and rebuild them with timber, you’re paying a huge amount in labour costs. If you end up paying 75% of what a brand new door would cost due to rebuilding timber, then our surveyors would be doing well to advise you to replace your product. Replacements are guaranteed for longer and generally perform better due to recent manufacture, so it’s typically a much better long term choice.

Of course, if you live in a historic building or a conservation area, you may not have a great deal of choice in what you can do. Either way, we’ve got you covered with carpenters that are skilled in both renovation and replacement.


Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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