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French Doors

Why should I get a French door?

The short answer is that they are often the prettiest option! With the traditional elegance that comes with a time-honoured design like this, there’s not much that can stand up to French doors in the looks department. French doors allow natural light into your home like no other product, which makes your living space much more pleasant. The large glass area also means that you’ll have a great view of the garden.

What makes our French doors special?

All our products are designed with tradition in mind. Our thin profile allows you to take advantage of traditional thin stiles and an increased glazed area. In addition, our secure profile gives you the security benefits of multi-point locking and stronger receivers. We’ve also got a great deal of experience dealing with customers who need us to copy existing features; and like-for-like designs are something we produce on a daily basis. We can also provide technical documents if you’ve got a design that you’d like to visualise.

Bespoke designs

Although our designs are based on traditional ideas, all our products are bespoke. That means that whatever design you have in mind, we’ll most likely be able to handle it. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you’re getting the product you want. From maximum glass designs to more ornate moulding or Georgian glazing bars, we’ve got years of experience in design, manufacture and installation. Essentially, every different type of French door option has different benefits for different applications. If you would prefer a higher level or security or if you’d prefer to have those slim profiles, Core Sash Windows has you covered.

For French Door replacement we can offer fully comprehensive fitting or basic fitting.

Fully Comprehensive Door Replacement:

The old doors are removed, replaced and made good. For a full rundown of this service, please check the comprehensive door fitting page.

Basic Door Replacement:

The old doors are removed and replaced but that’s about it. Great if you have other building work that crosses over. For a full rundown please check the basic door replacement page.

Unless specifically agreed in the basic fitting service, the following services will not be provided:

  • Sand and cement pointing or temporary silicone seal.
  • Rubbish removal. Rubbish will be left at an agreed location on site.
  • Additional hand painting.
  • Architraves, Timber Wrap / Window boards.

For the most part, we can make your French Door whatever you’d like it to be. Our optional extras include, but are not limited to:

Paint Options:

  • Any RAL paint colour (Over 200 to choose from).
  • Any brand of paint you like. Please be aware that different brands may take longer and may incur an additional cost.
  • Different parts of the door can be painted in different colours.

Design Options:

  • Your choice of hardware.
  • Your choice of hardware colour.
  • Your choice of glazing bar configuration. Glazing bars are the strips of timber on the surface of the glass.
  • Curved tops or square tops.
  • Your choice of timber moulding based on our traditional designs.

Other Options:

  • Door bolts.
  • Fanlights – either opening or fixed.
  • Your choice of satin glass, safety glass or acoustic glass.
  • Click here to view or download a catalogue of obscured glass options.
  • Glass with your door number etched above the door. You can choose your own font, positioning and size.
  • Traditional profile or modern profile. Modern profiles are thicker in order to accomodate modern locking systems.

It will come as no surprise to learn that French Doors originated in France, although it may surprise you to learn that their iconic style actually originated in Renaissance Italy.

Between the 14th and 17th Centuries, Italy was undergoing an exciting cultural enlightenment. The Renaissance brought about a new, mainstream appreciation for mathematics, science and human philosophy. The art and architecture of the time was inspired by this new intellectual movement, and focused on the scientific principles of symmetry and proportion, and the humanist ideals of freedom and space.

The French learnt much about Renaissance design from their many incursions into Italy during their multiple 16th Century wars, and brought back to France with them a love for elegantly simple designs and practical functionality. In a time before electric lighting, the large glass areas of these symmetrical designs allowed for homes to be brighter, airier and more spacious than ever before.

This practicality, combined with elegant beauty, catalysed the adoption of these ‘French Doors’ by the architects of London throughout the 17th Century and they continue to be a timeless staple of our home design to this very day!

Let The Natural Light Into Your Home!

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