Our Core Sash French Doors are available in 2 distinct profiles.

Our Elegance profile allows you to take advantage of traditionally thin stiles and an increased glazed area, whereas our Secure profile allows you to enjoy the additional security benefits of multi-point locking and reinforced receivers.

Both profiles are available in a wide range of styles, and are fully compliant with Building Regulations (Part N) and British Standards (6262), affording you a stunning, yet secure, view of your beautiful garden, patio, balcony or terrace.


Additional Options Include:


  • Any RAL paint colour (Over 200 to choose from)
  • Door bolts
  • Georgian bar designs
  • Timber paneling
  • Fanlights


The History of French Doors


It will come as no surprise to learn that French Doors originated in France, although it may surprise you to learn that their iconic style actually originated in Renaissance Italy.

Between the 14th and 17th Centuries, Italy was undergoing an exciting cultural enlightenment. The Renaissance brought about a new, mainstream appreciation for mathematics, science and human philosophy. The art and architecture of the time was inspired by this new intellectual movement, and focused on the scientific principles of symmetry and proportion, and the humanist ideals of freedom and space.

The French learnt much about Renaissance design from their many incursions into Italy during their multiple 16th Century wars, and brought back to France with them a love for elegantly simple designs and practical functionality. In a time before electric lighting, the large glass areas of these symmetrical designs allowed for homes to be brighter, airier and more spacious than ever before, providing a literal enlightenment to accompany the cultural one taking place.

This practicality, combined with elegant beauty, catalysed the adoption of these ‘French Doors’ by the architects of London throughout the 17th Century and they continue to be a timeless staple of our home design to this very day!




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