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Sash Windows London

Sash Windows London

Vertical sash windows are well known for adding a touch of elegance to any house with their classic design and elegant, understated, appearance. They are a particularly common feature on many homes in London. Whether you are looking for a company to help with the replacement for all of your existing windows with something a little different or want to change your current glass windows to sash windows, we are certain we will have the product to suit your needs.

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At Core Sash Windows, London, we specialise in the design and installation of all types of wood framed double glazed sash windows and timber sashes. These offer our customers all of the benefits of a double-glazed unit without compromising on the quality.

Our London sash window sales team has been carefully put together and are all specialists with many years of experience working within the field of double glazing. A number of them have also worked as installers in the past installing double glazed sash windows so have first-hand knowledge of our products and the intricacies of fitting them,working to the very highest standards to ensure that you are happy with your new sash windows.

We are based in London, yet we also offer our timber framed sash window products and fitting service in the home counties. As a successful business specialising in sash windows in London, we are proud of the quality of the product and service that we offer to all our customers, and offer a guarantee on any job that we undertake.

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Why might I consider Purchasing Sash windows in London from our sash window company?

Here at Core Sash Windows, London, we find there are a number of different reasons that people may be interested in our timber sash windows.

Over time the majority of wooden sash windows, no matter how much you try to repair them, will undoubtedly deteriorate as a result of exposure to the elements. This can unfortunately lead to poor energy efficiency within the home and an increase in energy bills. Sash window repairs can be tricky to undertake which can mean calling in an expert.

Any wood in your glass windows that has been exposed to the extremes of weather can become damaged, with the frames warping around the glazing, and this may make it difficult to open your windows when the weather is warmer. Whilst London sash window repairs can of course be carried out, over time this can become tricker and replacement timber windows may become a more appropriate solution.

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If you have been considering replacement windows for this reason but wanted to avoid UPVC sash windows in favour or the more traditional timber framed sash window, perhaps with a better type of glazing, then we can help you with this.

It is entirely possible to replace your sash windows with new timber framed ones that will keep the style, design and character of your home. Our double-glazed timber units are a great solution to keeping the cold out whilst not detracting from the more traditional feel of your windows and doors.

We have a   superb range of sash window designs available, in a range of colour options, and are confident that you will find something that suits the style of your property. If you have an older home that does not have sash windows but might have had at some point in the past, then you may also be looking to return a sense of the original heritage to your property, and we guarantee that this can be achieved with all of our timber casement windows.

We can also assist if you are looking to replace your doors as well as your windows.

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What are the benefits of wooden sash windows?

There are a number of benefits to installing wooden sash windows in properties. The most common benefit of sash windows in London is that they are in keeping with the architecture of many of the buildings, making them aesthetically pleasing.

As a sash window company with a keen eye for detail it is important to us that the glass and sash windows, we install are in keeping with the style of an area , whether this is central London, Clapham, or any other area. For houses in conservation areas, it is of course particularly important to ensure that any work that you undertake on your property is done sympathetically and our specialists can help you with that.

Wood is a natural incredibly effective insulator making it ideal for use in timber sash windows. Sometimes timber sash windows can rattle in the frames making a room draughty, the problem can be removed with the right draught proofing system.

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Timber sash windows that tick all the boxes

In London Sash windows are also an incredibly secure and safe option; you only open one glass panel at a time making it harder for someone to enter your home through an open window. There is also the option to add additional security features to make them even more secure.

When it comes to maintenance both box sash windows and timber sash windows are easy to repair and unlike UPVC windows are very versatile and can be stained or painted to fit with the look that you want. Painting your wooden window frames helps to protect the wood prolonging its life. Our frames are created using European Redwood; a high-performance material.

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What style of windows do you offer?

We understand that not every customer wants the same type of sash windows for their home, and indeed if you are in a conservation area you may in fact be limited to a design that is in keeping with the sash windows of other properties nearby. This is why we offer a range of different glass as well, so there is sure to be something that will suit your requirements.

Sash windows

Timber sash windows have always been a very popular feature on properties in London. Dating as far back as the Georgian and Victorian eras, they are a stunning quality feature and one that is often seen in areas with listed buildings or in conservations areas. Because of this is it often a requirement that any replacement windows are in keeping with the originals which is why we specialise in timber sash windows London.

Many homeowners in London prefer to replace their sash windows with wooden frames as they offer the quality aesthetic that homeowners want. Wood offers that traditional feel of a sash window that simply cannot be replicated with other products.

Over time the timber rather than the glazing of your existing sash windows can become damaged. The cords inside the window frames that allow you to open the window can also become damaged. Whilst it may be possible to repair them, many people prefer to replace them so that they have fully functioning beautiful windows. If you are undertaking a full renovation project on a property, then you may be considering sash windows in order to return an original feature to the building.

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Casement windows

We also offer casement windows as part of our range. This is one of the most popular types of window that you will find in the United Kingdom, particularly outside London; a casement window is one that opens on a hinge. Whilst many homes have UPVC as their preferred material for this type of window, timber is also a great choice and affords your home a great level of sound reduction and heat retention, it is also great at draught proofing your window space.

They can be fitted with double glazing or even triple glazing, the service that we provide is tailored to your requirements. They are available in a number of designs making them a great choice for a wide range of homes.


Because many people choose to replace their doors at the same time as their windows, we also offer a wide selection of doors that have been carefully chosen to compliment the windows that we offer and the wide range of homes out there. These traditional doors offer all the features needed to grace any period property whether it is a listed building, in a conservation area or just in keeping with the other nearby buildings. Doors are the first impression visitors get of your home so whether you are having issues with a door that keeps getting stuck and is proving difficult to repair, broken glass in your door, or something that simply no longer has the curb appeal you desire then it makes sense to take a look at new doors for your home when you update your London sash windows.

Which windows will work best for my home?

With so many different types of windows available it can be hard to know which ones will work best for your home. It is important to remember that when it comes to sash windows in London many people have their hands tied in their choice because they live in conservation areas. If this is the case for you then we will be happy to discuss all of the sash window options that are available to you. We will use all of our expertise in the field to ensure the windows you select for your installation will not contravene any regulations or compromise on the quality of your new sashes.

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If you have a period property, and this includes those homes where you have undertaken a project to complete an extension that needs new windows, then you will probably want to consider sash windows. These are very much in keeping with the architecture of many homes in London; in fact, the London sash window is a feature that is well known. These can of course be fitted with double glazing in order to keep the noise of city life out.

Draught proofing is also something that we can offer with this type of window and it will help you to keep reduce your utility bills. Wood is a great timeless, material when it comes to the sash window and makes a great choice for any dwelling in a more traditional area of London. If you only need a couple of new windows but would like to keep some of your existing sash window frames, then we will be happy to help you with sash window repairs as well.

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Not everyone is keen on sash windows, and in some cases, they are not necessarily the best choice. When this is the case, you will probably find that a casement window will be a better option than sash windows, and there are plenty of properties in London that have them so you will not be alone in this choice. The important thing to think about when selecting the most appropriate windows for your house in London is that quality should be high on your list of considerations, whether you are looking at sash windows or any other type of window.

You want your windows to last so make sure that you inquire about the length of the guarantee that will be offered with any windows that you have installed. Good fitting and excellent aftercare backed by a guarantee are a must and any reputable window installation company will offer this as part of their service.

If you are not sure whether sash windows will work for you then dont worry. One of our expert sales team will be able to carry out a complete survey on your property. This will give us the information that we need to begin the process of advising you on the best choice of window for your home. This will also give us all of the information that we will need in order to complete the installation of your casement windows or sash windows when you are ready to go ahead with the work.

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Why should you choose us?

If you are looking for a sash window company in London, then you may be wondering how to ensure that you are choosing the right suppliers to meet your needs. As a company with many years of experience in the window industry we are fully conversant with all of the building regulations that will need to be complied with when fitting your new windows.

We understand that for those properties located in a conservation area it is especially important to consider the heritage of your property when undertaking the installation of new sash windows. This is of particular importance in some areas of London where the majority of homes have sash windows and replacement products should therefore be sympathetic to the nearby buildings and in keeping with the identity of the street as a whole.

What we offer as a window company

As a London based company, we strive to ensure a user experience that is positive from start to finish. We set ourselves very high standards when it comes to the customer service that we offer and will always aim to provide you with the highest levels of installation service as well. We only use products that are of the highest quality for the installation of your sash windows. Our service begins with the taking of a few details so that we know what you are looking for in your new windows and doors, this will allow us to offer the best advice regarding the range of products that we offer.

We will also carry out a full survey on your property to ensure that we have checked and double checked all the sizes and details for your new timber sash windows. Our expert sales team will be on hand to help you with every step of the process, from discussing the type of windows you want to looking at the sash window furniture, including sash horns, that you may prefer and the type of glass you may require in your windows – we can supply safety glass on request.

If you are simply replacing all the glass in your old sash windows with something that will offer you a little more protection from the cold, we can help you find the right glass, and complete the glazing work. We can also carry out any sash window repairs to your existing frames and the cords that help your sash windows function, we can also check any draft proofing that is already in place and ensure that if it isn’t up to the job the most appropriate draught proofing system is put in place instead. We can also replace your existing sash window furniture as well.

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There are many reasons why you should choose us for all your London sash window replacement solutions. Whether you are looking for a company with experience working on windows in a conservation area to the highest standards or you simply want to improve the look of your house, we are here to help.

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Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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