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What is Sunlight?
‘Sunlight’ is radiation from the Sun.
Typically, the Solar Radiation that hits the surface of the Earth can be broken down into three parts:

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Infrared Radiation is effectively Thermal Radiation, as it allows for the transfer of heat. It is this component of Solar Radiation that allows us to feel the warmth of the Sun, and on a hot day, IR Radiation is responsible for turning a meeting room into a melting room.


Visible Light
‘Visible Light’ is so named, as it is the only component of Solar Radiation that we can see with the naked eye. Pretty obviously, we want to let this Visible Light into our homes and offices, otherwise we wouldn’t bother with a window in the first place.


UV Radiation cannot be felt, but is dangerous at a cellular and atomic level due to the destructively high energy that it possesses. UV Radiation is the component of solar radiation that is responsible for causing skin cancer, discolouring dyes and weakening synthetic materials.


The Problem
Unfortunately, a standard window will allow just as much IR Radiation and UV Radiation into your home, as it will Visible Light. These unwanted, and potentially harmful, forms of radiation traditionally come hand-in-hand with Visible Light, and for many years it was not possible to separate them.


The Solution

Low Emissivity (Low E) Glass includes a microscopically thin coating on the inside of one of the glass panes in a Double Glazed Unit. This coating helps to reflect unwanted UV and IR Radiation, whilst having no negative impact on the amount of Visible Light that is allowed to enter. Furthermore, as the layer is so thin, it is not noticeable or obtrusive when looking at the window.


Advantages of Low Emissivity glazing


This technology keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, by ensuring that as much heat as possible stays on the correct side of the Double Glazed Unit.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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