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How do sash windows work? Sash windows are immensely popular and can give your home a sophisticated look, while allowing lots of natural light in. As a discerning customer, you may wish to learn a bit about the product you’re about to buy.

First Things First, What Are Sash Windows?

While most know what a sash window is, we wanted to clear things up a little for those who don’t. The simplest way to describe sash windows is that they are windows that includes either one, though often more, moveable sashes (or panels) that form the framework for holding different panes of glass. They are all separated by moulded strips of wood and glazing bars and this is what gives the window its form and function.

Sash windows typically consist of timber linings, cords, sash weights, bottom and top rails and a sill. All these core components help make sure the windows can open and close, are suitably fit for the purpose they were designed for and look great.

That’s Great, But How Do Sash Windows Work?

To accommodate the required movement of the window, the glazed panel needs to be balanced with a counterweight, normally in the form of a cast-iron, lead or steel sash weight. The sash weight is connected by a sash cord to the window. The sash cord is normally braided and is fed over the top rail of the window on a pulley. With the bottom rail, you have the complete frame. Wag tails are then used to keep the weights separate and ensure the window can move in a seamlessly smooth way.

If you’ve ever looked at sash windows or think you know the design well, you might be saying that you’ve never noticed the sash weights. That’s because, from an aesthetics point of view, they are invisible as they are hidden inside the hollow timber linings that are part of the window box. Another important feature, following on from this, is the traditional sill or horizontally sitting board that is fitted on the interior of each sash base. This is designed in a way with a precise shape that makes sure rainwater flows away from the window, rather than accumulating inside the frame and causing the wood to rot in time.

Sash windows are popular for good reason, their design provides the perfect mix of form and function. The addition of multiple panes can be a welcome departure from plain and simple panes, and they are great at protecting your property from the elements. Now, if you decide to have them fitted into your property, you have a better understanding of how they work and will be better able to tell when there is a problem that needs addressing.

We hope we’ve answered your question ‘How do sash windows work’. Click this link to see some of our previous sash window designs.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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