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All our new windows all come with a set of traditional furniture to ensure that your windows look as authentic and timeless as possible.

Sash Lifts:

Your sash lifts will be fixed to the bottom sash and will be your primary means of operating your new sash windows. We believe that a durable, heavy-duty lift is essential to avoid bending over time, which is why we supply them on all our double glazing services. The sash





Restrictors are designed to stop your sash windows opening beyond a certain height. The receiver is simply drilled into the top sash and the restrictor itself screws in, meaning that the windows can still open to allow ventilation, but the sash will be prevented from opening fully, increasing your security. They cannot be removed without using the provided key. The pictured rectangular plates are designed to protect the sash from impact and eliminate the possibility of the timber being dented.




Hook Fasteners:

A sash fastener is essential to keep your sashes pressed closely together, which engages the draught proofing properly and keeps out that chilly wind. It also helps to increase security and comes with a locking pin, so the fastener can be locked shut.





Fitch Fasteners:

A fitch fastener works in much the same way as a hook fastener, but we use it on our full boxes because those sashes are slightly heavier. As with the hook fastener, the fitch fastener is essential to reduce draughts and increase security on your full boxes.




Almost all our furniture is available in the following finishes. Just ask your surveyor for your preferred colour!





One point to note: Polished Chrome and Polished Brass are held in stock so will incur no extra charge. Everything else has to be specially ordered and will incur an additional charge.