What is window hardware?

Window hardware is things like handles, fasteners and locks. Any ironmongery that is used to operate the window is known as either hardware or furniture. Certain types of products require certain types of furniture, but with so many different manufacturers these days there’s plenty of choice. With sash windows, they are plenty of options available for the discerning customer.

I’ve found some hardware that I really like. Can we use it on my windows?

Hopefully! We’ll definitely see if it will work. Occasionally, for example, the hardware might just be too big or too small to actually fit on the frames. We’ll do what we can to find a solution, and if we can’t make it work we’ll offer you an alternative as close to it as possible.

What kind of furniture can I get for my sash windows?

Sash windows require specific furniture to function, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to choose from the list below. If you’ve found something you like that doesn’t appear on this list just let us know and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Sash Lifts

Your sash lifts will be fixed to the bottom sash and will be your primary means of operating your new sash windows.
Hardware 2
Restrictor Lock

Restrictors or sash stops are designed to stop your sash windows opening beyond a certain height. They cannot be removed without using the provided key.
Hardware 3
Hook Fastener

A sash fastener is essential to keep your sashes pressed closely together, which engages the draught proofing properly.
Hardware 4
Fitch Fastener

A fitch fastener works in much the same way as a hook fastener, but we use it on our full boxes because those sashes are slightly heavier.
Hardware 5
Pulley Wheels (Round)

Pulley wheels are what allow the sashes to move up and down in their openings. They're attached to the lead weights by a white cotton sash cord.
round pulley wheels
Pulley Wheels (Square)

As above, these pulley wheels are designed to support a cotton sash cord attached to a lead weight.
square pulley wheels

What kind of furniture can I get for my casements?

Casements are versatile and they can accept almost any handle you might like. If what you want doesn’t appear in this list, just let us know and we’ll see if we can make it work on your windows.

Standard Mila Prosecure Handles

Our standard handles come with a keylock to increase security.
polished chrome window and door hardware 4
Monkey Tail Handles

These handles look great and can still operate multipoint locking.
window and door hardware
Peardrop Handles

As with the monkey tail handles, these look great and can operated multipoint locking.
peardrop window and door hardware closeup

Casement stays are another option for you. If you'd like to hold the window open to a certain degree.
polished brass window and door hardware 3

What kind of furniture can I get for my doors?

As with sash windows, doors generally require specific hardware so it can operate the locking system, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to choose from the list below. If you’ve found something you like, just let us know and we’ll let you know if it will work on your door.

Modern Profile

Modern Handle

Our standard handles have a contemporary look and are secured by design. These handles have steel reinforcement and 'anti-jemmy' technology.
secure polished chrome window and door hardware 2
Thum Turn

If you'd prefer not to have to use a key every time you open your door, we could install a thumb turn to make operating the door easier.

Traditional Profile

Espagnolette Bolt

With a long bolt that extends from one side of the door to the other, espagnolettes are a good way to secure your slim profile door.
close up of brass window and door hardware 9
Door Knob

The least visually intrusive option. We'll use star bolts (below) to actually secure the door.
close up of chrome window and door hardware 12
Star Bolts

If you choose to go with a door knob, your door won't actually lock without these star bolts or a similar option. Installed in the top of the door, they are very discreet.
close up of white window and door hardware 11

Any Profile


A door knocker can add a traditional touch to your front door. There any many styles available.
window and door hardware

Spyholes can really add an extra level of security to your door.
window and door hardware

Functional, Stylish and Secure!

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