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At Core Sash Windows, we are specialists when it comes to the more traditional styles of windows that we know our customers are looking for. There are so many different companies out there who offer UPVC windows so as a company we have decided to concentrate exclusively on supplying and fitting sash windows. All of our window fitters are highly trained and have many years of experience when it comes to fitting this type of sash window and know all of our products inside out. This allows us to provide a very high level of service to all of our customers and this is something that we are incredibly proud of. All of the work that we undertake is covered by an insurance backed guarantee

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Are sash windows a newer window style?

Sash windows have been around for many years and are a stunning architectural feature of many older properties, in particular those homes that are located in the centres of big cities like London, where they can be seen on a number of town houses. From the Georgian and Victorian eras to the present day they have remained very much an essential design feature in many areas. Because they are frequently found in areas that are under a conservation order or where there are listed buildings, they are often a mandated replacement which means that homeowners in these areas who are considering replacing their windows, or having their single glazed units replaced with double glazed ones, need to ensure that the products they choose are appropriate for the job.

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For some property owners with older properties sash windows have an undeniable appeal and the aesthetic of replacing their existing casement windows with sash windows is a major factor in their decision when looking for new windows. This is particularly true when they have moved into an older home where a previous owner has installed UPVC casements which do not fit with the character of the building.

Timber Sash windows offer a more authentic, traditional feel to the look of your home that simply cannot be replicated with UPVC products -and this is one reason why they are still such a popular choice with so many people.

Because many home exterior projects are not complete without a new door we also offer a stunning collection of doors that are in keeping with the style of sash windows that we have available.

What are wooden sash windows?

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Timber sash windows are windows that open vertically. They are most commonly found in homes that feature a more traditional design and architectural style, and quite often these buildings are situated in conservation areas. A sash window is made up of two individual frames, or window sashes – positioned one in front of the other. It is not uncommon to see them referred to as sliding sash windows. Traditionally they would have been single glazed however the more modern sliding sash windows that we fit can be made with double glazed sashes as standard.

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Sash windows, particularly Georgian ones will feature a number of glazing bars. A glazing bar is the strip of wood that is used within the sash window to hold a number of smaller panes of glass in place. Glass was a very expensive commodity and glazing bars were used to allow smaller pieces to be used so that should a window become broken it would only be necessary to replace individual smaller glazed panes rather than one larger one. This is not such a problem nowadays which is why more modern styles of sash window feature bigger panes of glass.

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Sash windows, unlike casement windows do not have a hinge which allows them to swing open on one side, instead they are most commonly opened by releasing the catch that holds the window shut and then pushing the glass pane up in order to let the fresh air in. If you have the type of sliding sash windows that are referred to as double hung windows then you can open them by sliding the top sash down, this allows the air flow to be higher up and is less of a safety issue if you have young children in the house.

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How do sash windows stay open?

If the only time you have really come across sash windows is in movies and novels where the characters props a vertical sash window open with a book or two then rest assured that this is not how our timber sash windows stay open.

The sash window is an incredibly clever feat of engineering, the two sashes of the window sit inside a channel in your window frame, the channel allows for the entire sash unit to be moved up or down via a clever systems of weights and cords. The window unit is simply unlatched and then pushed up to open. It stays open because of the weighted mechanism. In the case of a double hung sash window the window stays open until the sash is pushed back up and the catch put in place to stop it coming open. The construction and finish of the frame and the sash unit is incredibly sturdy and will stand up to regular and repeated opening and closing.

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For those individuals who want to be able to open their sash window enough to allow air in but want to ensure the security of their property we can fit restrictors to the sash, these allow you to open the window to a particular point and no further. Restrictors are a clever little optional extras that we can add to any of our collection of windows and are not only great for the security of your home but also help to make sash windows a safer option if you have young children in the property.

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Modern styles of sash also feature a tilt option on the sash which allows the homeowner easy access to the outside of the double glazed unit for cleaning purposes.

All of our collection of timber sash windows are fitted with top quality counterbalance weights, pulleys and sturdy cords and all of the parts that we use come with lengthy guarantees to ensure complete customer satisfaction so no matter what type of units you select you can be assured of their quality.

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Are wooden sash windows good for period homes?

If you live in an older home, particularly one that was built in the Georgian or Victorian period then there is a good chance it will have been built with timber sash windows as standard for the period. Unfortunately some people do not like sash windows and for homes that are not governed by any particular conservations orders may have chosen to replace them with casements.

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If this is the case with your property then restoring the facade of your home by adding timber sash windows will not only give your property a much more authentic look but is also likely to make it look more in keeping with the other houses in close proximity.

Sash windows are not just for period properties though they can be perfect for more modern homes as well, it is simply a question of ensuring that you select the right double glazed panels for the area you are in, double or even triple glazed are better if you are near a noisy road and can help significantly when it comes to noise reduction. You also want to make sure that the style of windows you select works well with the look of your property.

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We have a range of windows including those with simpler frames where the window style is perfectly suited to a modern new build home, and wooden sash windows with glazing bars that offer a more traditional look to your home.

If you are in the process of restoring the original look of your home then you may want to consider replacing your door with something that will match the style of your new windows.

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Are timber sash windows energy efficient?

All modern sash window is incredibly energy efficient and will allow you to create a much cosier and more insulated environment within your home that will offer you all of the benefits of energy savings without compromising on any of the quality.

All of the timber sash windows that we supply are excellent at helping with heat retention in the home and are made to the highest standards; we do not compromise on the quality of the windows and with a team of highly skilled fitters we dont compromise on the service that we offer either.

If you currently have sash windows in your property that are not energy efficient then there are a couple of things that you might like to consider. The first is that the frames, and this is especially true of older timber frames that have not been maintained properly have suffered from the wear and tear of years of use and exposure to the elements, this can make them less energy efficient and allow draughts in. The second thing to consider is whether the glass in your windows is single glazing or double glazing. If it is the later, we can assist you by adding a new double glazing unit to your current sashes; this will certainly help with heat retention. The energy efficiency that you will get from well fitted wooden sash windows with double glazed units is amongst the best that you will find.

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If you would like more information on all of the glazing options that might be available to you for a window frame you already have in place then why not send us and email and we can contact you to discuss your requirements.

What type of material are your sash windows made of?

All of our sash windows are made of European redwood, this is a fantastic timber that is the perfect choice for the frame that will hold the sashes in place. It is durable and hardwearing and with the right finish and maintenance program will ensure that your sliding sash windows last for a very long time.

We do no supply or fit upvc windows, all of our windows are timber.

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Will I be able to choose the hardware for my timber sash windows?

We have a range of different ironmongery options that you can choose from for your timber sash windows. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their sash hardware which is why our collection has something to suit everyone’s taste and styling, there is such a wide range of designs to choose from you might be spoilt for choice.

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I am interested in new windows, tell me more

If you would like more information on the stunning collection of windows that we have available then please do not hesitate to call us, our phone number is 020 3302 2060. Alternatively why not send us an email and we will get back to you with the details you are looking for.

If you would like to see examples of some of the projects we have completed, both windows, doors and a combination of the two then why not browse our website where we have showcased some of our previous installations.

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From Glazing Bars To Sash Horns, We Provide It All

Once you have had a good chance to browse the range of frames that we have in our collection and have selected a frame style that you feel will add the right touch of charm to your home simply contact us. We will begin the process of arranging for new timber sash windows for your home by visiting your property to carry out a comprehensive survey. This will allow us to check the sizing of all of your current windows and glazing bars so that we can ensure that we have all the details we need to give you an accurate quote. We will be able to discuss the finish that you would like for your windows, the colour or stain that you have in mind for the frames and also any hardware that you might want to consider and specific detailing such as sash horns.

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