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What is a sash window?

A sash window, or ‘hung sash window’ in North America, is a window that has two frames, one above the other, that open by being moved up and down. Typically, these two frames are counterbalanced by either cords or springs, but chains are also occasionally used. Sash windows are most popular in period properties and historic cities like London or New York.

Not to be confused with a ‘window sash’. A window sash is the opening part of any window, so if you have a hinged window (a casement), the part that opens is called a ‘casement sash’ or just a ‘sash’, but the whole window is referred to as a casement window, not a sash window. Sash window only ever refers to this particularly design of vertical sliding window.

what is a sash window

What are the different parts of a sash window?

We’ve uploaded a picture of one of our own sash windows to make this a bit clearer. The list is not extensive but covers all the parts of the window that a customer may need to know to communicate effectively with a potential contractor.

  1. Bullnose sill
  2. Sash Lift
  3. Architrave
  4. Staff Bead
  5. Meeting Rail
  6. Restrictor Lock
  7. Glazing Bar
  8. Pulley Wheel
  9. Sash Fastener

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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