Our Double Glazed Units* contain Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) Warm Edge spacer bars, which are made from an insulating composite. The insulating properties of the composite material significantly improve the thermal retention of the Double Glazed Unit, which in turn, results in lower heating bills and C02 emissions. Furthermore, due to reduced thermal transfer, condensation is minimised and mould growth is all but eradicated, which is great news for the longevity of your beautiful new windows / doors!

On top of thermally outperforming standard aluminium alternatives, these Warm Edge spacer bars are also fully compliant with BS EN 1279-2 so the performance of your Double Glazed Units won’t be negatively impacted by long-term moisture penetration.

Another advantage of Warm Edge spacer bars over out-dated aluminium is the ability to colour match. Instead of the shiny silver of the aluminium contrasting painfully against the Traffic White finish of our products, the TGI spacer bars that we use are available in a complementary white so you’ll barely even notice them (!)


What is a Spacer Bar?


Double Glazed Units consist of 2 panes of glass, separated by a set distance of ‘dead space’, which is then filled with an inert gas to help minimise heat transfer through the unit. This ‘dead space’ has no structural integrity, and therefore it would be incredibly difficult to construct a Double Glazed Unit with a consistent and accurate gap between the two panes. To resolve this issue, manufacturers of Double Glazed Units use a profile known as a ‘spacer bar’ that physically separates the two panes by a set distance.

By introducing a solid material into the unit, which also makes physical contact with both glass panes, there is the side effect of increasing heat transfer through the unit via conduction. The heat, which cannot effectively move through the inert gas-fill, instead travels along the spacer bar to the glass pane on the opposite side of the unit.



Aluminium Spacer Bars


Most companies use aluminium spacer bars, which further exacerbates the issue of heat transfer through the spacer bar. Whilst aluminium is cheaper to manufacture and shape, this metal is also a fantastic conductor of heat, somewhat undermining the heat retention properties of having the ‘dead space’ in the first place!



*There is a minimum width for TGI Warm Edge Spacer Bars. Non-standard unit thicknesses may not be compatible – please speak to your surveyor.

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