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In this video we focus on our fantastic Traditional Front Door.

Traditional Front Doors in london, UK


The Traditional Front Door has 4 panels, with each panel made of either Engineered European Redwood, or Low-Emissivity Double Glazed Units, at the customer’s discretion.

On this particular Traditional Front Door, the lower two panels are made of Engineered Timber, whilst the upper two panels contain Double Glazed Units.

The Double Glazed Units on this door are made of Satin Glass, which is designed to ensure your privacy and safety whilst still allowing natural light to brighten your home.

At the top of the door, there is another Double Glazed Unit. As well as allowing even further natural light in, this additional unit has allowed our customer to etch their house number into the glass. We feel that this is a sleek and modern alternative to more antiquated screw-on numbers.



As with all of Core Sash Windows’ products such as our sash window range, the Traditional Front Door comes with 4 factory-sprayed coats of Teknos water-based micro-porous paint. Not only does this Teknos paint provide a weather-resistant and anti-bacterial barrier, but also it is specially designed to allow the wood to flex and breathe. This is vitally important due to the fact that timber naturally moves throughout the changing seasons, a fact which would cause less flexible paints to crack and peel.

Teknos paint is both highly practical and visually diverse, with over 200 unique colours available in the RAL range. Furthermore, to overcome the ‘factory manufactured’ finish, and to provide your new front door with an additional layer of traditionalism, our painters will provide a 5th hand-painted coat at your discretion – completely free of charge!


Fittings, Hardware and Security:

As you can see from the video, as standard our Traditional Front Doors come equipped with all of the basic fittings that you would expect: a peep hole, a letter box and a door handle to activate the multi-point locking feature. Whilst this customer has chosen a polished chrome style for these fittings, we can also offer satin chrome, satin brass and polished brass.

As previously mentioned, as standard our Traditional Front Doors come equipped with a resilient multi-point lock system; so called because the door is secured to the frame at multiple individual points. This helps to spread out any malicious force that may be applied, therefore reducing the likelihood of a material failure at any single point. Alternately, we can offer the increasingly popular Banham locks at your request.


Protection from Nature:

The door comes pre-fitted with the flexible and highly resilient Aquatex Weatherseal draught proofing system. This specially designed draught stripping has a Polyurethane foam core that is capable of recovering back into its original shape, even after long-term deflection and a thicker Polyethylene outer sheathing, which helps to increase its resistance to general wear and tear. Combined, these technological improvements give the Aquatex system a significant advantage over the antiquated brush system; gone are the days of irreparable bending and moulting fibres.

Finally, at the bottom of the door, you will find our extended Hardwood Threshold Sill. The sill has a water-drip edge, which helps to prevent water pooling at the base of the door and breaching into you home. Furthermore, as the water is less able to pool or puddle, the risk of timber damage is significantly reduced, thereby greatly increasing the longevity of your brand new Traditional Front Door.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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