Timber Sash Windows

Timber Sash Windows

A stunning architectural feature that is a particularly common sight on many of the townhouses in areas like London, wooden sash windows add a real charm and style to any property. They are a design that not only works on period homes but also do not look out of place on many new build homes as well.

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Timber sash windows in London are a hugely popular design feature, so if you need to keep the character of the older buildings then you’ll need to replace them with something very similar. Luckily our selection has a wide range of different styles of sash window with something to suit the wide range of house types.

For those homeowners who live in conservation areas it is important to consider replacement windows that are in keeping with the area, and to ensure that you follow any requirements that might be in place regarding the replacement of each sash window.

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All the information you need to choose the sash windows for you

At Core Sash Windows we specialise in quality timber frames and sashes and can help you with a number of different glazing options for your new windows, from double glazing to decorative stained glass panels we will work with you to find the window in our sash window range that works best for the styling of your property. All of the timber sliding windows that we supply, and the work that we carry out in fitting them is covered by a guarantee. We also provide all the information you need to choose the weight, glass, styles and finish to suit your property.

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What is the best wood for sash windows?

There are a range of different woods that can be used for timber sash windows. There are some companies on the market who prefer to use Accoya, a sustainably modified softwood, for their frames, however we believe that when it comes to quality timber sliding sash windows you really cannot go wrong with European Redwood.

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The properties of this wood make it a great choice for timber windows and whether you choose to finish it with white paint, a colour or even a stain it will continue to look great for many years to come.

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How much do timber sash windows cost?

The wooden sash windows in London are often unique to their homes; whether it be by the dimensions or design of the product, no two jobs are ever the same. With that in mind it is difficult to say how much your sash windows will cost and there are a number of factors that will need to be considered. However if you would like a rough estimate of the cost then why not complete the handy instant quote option on our website, this will give you an idea of the price for the number and type of sash windows that you are looking for.

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If you want a more accurate cost then give us a call. We can arrange for one of our team of window experts to visit you in your home. We will take accurate measurements, both height and width, of all your existing windows, discuss the type of sash window that you might be looking for and then help you to find the right sliding sash window from our extensive selection.

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We can also provide you with information about design details such as glazing bars, sash horns and any other ironmongery options that you may want to consider. Once we have all of these details we will be able to produce an accurate quote so you will know exactly how much your timber sash windows will cost.

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There are a selection of colour options that are available as standard in our catalogue, all of which will add to the exterior style of your house, and if you are not ready to make a choice on the day we can leave the decision with you; we are only an email or telephone call away once you have made your selection.

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Are there different types of sash timber windows?

There are several different names which sash windows are often refered to by, however they are all part of the same type of window that you may want to consider for your property. The sliding sash windows that we have in our collection are incredibly popular and this is the name you will often hear them called.

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What’s the difference between a double hung sash window and a box sash window

however the box sash window, or double hung sliding sash, is another name that you may see used quite a lot. This term refers to those timber sash windows where it is possible to slide the bottom sash up to open the window, or the top sash down. Essentially these timber sash windows all work following the same principle but many people prefer the greater flexibility that comes with a box sash window.

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We offer both types of style within our collection because we understand just how important it is to get the details of your new sliding sash windows just right for the character and location of your home.

How much maintenance do wooden sash windows need?

We would be lying if we didn’t point out that wooden sash windows will require some maintenance in order to keep them looking their very best. However the requirements are the same as with any other timber on the exterior of your property.

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Check your sash window frames regularly for any signs of damage to the paintwork or timber and if you find any issues you can deal with them promptly. This will help prolong the life of the wood and keep your windows looking smart for longer. Every couple of years you may want to have the frames, bars and sashes repainted to help protect them.

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It is important to make sure that the frames of your timber sliding sash windows do not warp otherwise this can affect the position of the sashes in the frame and make it difficult to open the timber windows.

Can the pulley system in my sash window be repaired?

The other area that you will need to check on your timber sash windows is the pulley system that helps you to open and close your sash window with ease. This clever system uses a weight, cords and pulleys is housed within the box of the timber sash. Over time it can deteriorate which may mean that opening your windows can become tricker.

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If you believe that this is the case with your timber sliding sash windows then we can assist you by carrying out the necessary repairs. Whether the issue is with the counterbalance weights, the cords or the spiral balances we can make the appropriate repairs to ensure that your sashes work properly.

How long do wooden sash windows last?

With the right program of maintenance your wooden sash windows will last for a considerable length of time. All of the products in our window range have been carefully manufactured to a very high standard using durable European Redwood to ensure that they will not only last you for many years, but that they will continue to add to the style of your property during that time.

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Are sash windows energy efficient?

When it comes to energy efficiency, sliding sash windows are a great choice for your home, offering great heat retention that can really help with your energy bills. Properties that have double glazed glass panes in their windows will also find that their sashes offer them much more energy efficiency.

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If you would like more information on timber sash windows and the styles that we have available then why not contact us and see how we can help you. Our email address is [email protected] or you can contact us on the following phone number 020 3302 2060. Alternatively, you could use the instant quote feature.

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