Sash Windows Wandsworth

Sash Windows Wandsworth

If you’re here to get a costing for your new timber sash windows, casements or doors or if you’re more interested in sash window repair in Wandsworth please either give our office a call on 020 3302 2060, email us at [email protected] or head over to our online estimate tool.

The Borough Of Wandsworth

Wandsworth is a borough of South-West London. It’s the birthplace of former Prime Minister Clement Attlee and the brief home of the rather more recent Prime Minister Tony Blair and is a prosperous area of London. We’re proud to serve this area of London and have carried out several installations of timber sash windows and sash window repairs in Wandsworth. The area is typically home to those who work in scientific, technical, IT or financial industries.

We’ve installed a number of high quality products in this borough and hope to do more in the future. In Wandsworth windows tend to be double glazed sash at the front of the houses and potentially a casement window or two at the back of the houses. The vast majority of new windows that we install in this area are high quality double glazed sash which were all manufactured in our factory as are the rest of our long lasting products.

In Wandsworth sash windows are ubiquitous, so if you’re interested in new windows and you’re seeking to get timber sash windows, Wandsworth style, casement windows or any other kind of timber window in single or double glazing then feel free to get in touch and call us! You can reach our office at any time between 8:30am and 5:30pm on weekdays.

Regeneration In Wandsworth

Wandsworth has undertaken several ambitious regeneration programmes – a great example to other boroughs of London. Over the last few years, one such programme involved part of the Alton Estate in Roehampton, and included the building of around 1,100 new homes, including new Council homes, and the creation of a new community, retail and business space. The other programme covers the Winstanley-York Road estates in Battersea and will deliver around 2,500 new homes, including replacement Council homes, a leisure centre, community facilities and a new park. All this means that Wandsworth is a borough that has been invested in and will be somewhere that people of all stripes will want to live – furthermore, many of the new types of buildings in this area will require sash windows

Knowsley Road, Wandsworth


In Wandsworth sash windows are extremely common, as they are in most parts of central London. Knowsley Road is a beautiful Victorian terrace which is no exception to this rule, with rows of well kept houses typical of Wandsworth. Here we’ve installed a range of high quality products with double glazing. In order to maintain the timeless feel of the area, we’ve supplied and fitted double glazed timber sash windows, casement windows and doors in full keeping with the original aesthetic while upgrading old single glazing to new, long lasting modern double glazing. If you’d like to learn more about this installation just let us know and we’ll be able to tell you some more about the products we installed for this customer – it was a large installation and covered the new fitted of sash boxes, casements and doors. Of course, all in keeping with that timeless London style.

Altenburg Gardens, Wandsworth


Wandsworth has a number of traditional Victorian terraces and Altenburg gardens is among the nicest of them. We’ve carried out two separate installations of sash windows for a single customer in this location, and the customer has recently accepted a third quotation. We have two separate procedures for our sash window installation – one for sash windows without frames and one for sash windows with them. In the former case, the box frames of the window are refurbished and only the window itself is changed, while in the latter case you’ll get brand new frames with your products, meaning we’ll replace the entire sash window. We’ve carried out both these procedures for our customer.

For our first installation we installed some unique window products – some 4 over 1 sash windows with flemish style glass. We refurbished the sash window frames and just replace the actual sash windows themselves. For our second installation we did some of the same again but because some of the frames were not salvageable we had to change the whole sash window including the frames in some cases. For the third installation, we’re installing a few sash windows just like the ones we installed the first and second time.

Louvaine Road, Wandsworth


In addition to many iconic Victorian terraces typical in London, Wandsworth and London at large is home to several Georgian terraces. This particular terrace has a classically inspired theme, with many sash window bays beneath a triangular shaped masonry design in the style of a Greek or Roman structure. There’s quite of a lot of variation in the sash windows in this terrace, with radius head sash windows above the more standard square sash windows in the ‘1 over 1’ or ‘2 over 2’ window design.

For this particular customer we installed two windows with two different double glazing services – one sash replacement and one full box sash window replacement. Both were of the ‘2 over 2’ sash design. If you’d like to explore your own options for installing similar sash windows or other products, feel free to get in touch or call us on 020 3302 2060!

Wycliffe Road, Wandsworth


Wycliffe Road is another Georgian terrace in Wandsworth that we’re proud to have worked in. We’ve actually done several installations of our door products for the customer in this area. The door we’ve installed has sandblasted glass with the door number, which is one of the many different styles of glass that are available to you if you’d like to explore those options. As there are so many options available just get in touch and call us and we’ll be able to advise you, but what many customers choose is to either have the number clear and the surrounding glass sandblasted or vice versa – a more modern style of door numbering becoming more common in London homes. With that said, you can choose the design that most works for you and your home – just let us know!

Lurline Gardens, Wandsworth


Lurline Gardens is home to a row of architecturally-striking period mansion blocks. These elegant Victorian buildings have been divided up into a series of flats. These flats are spacious, light, and retain many original features, including high ceilings and typical sash windows – Wandsworth design features fully implemented to maintain the feeling of the area.  We installed a double glazed French Door for this customer, which is also a typical design feature of a home in Wandsworth. In London these French Doors can work really well as a balcony door, allowing natural light to pour into the room and provide a touch of elegance for your exterior, or as a back door to your garden – keeping your kitchen or living room well lit with easy access to outside.

Overstrand Mansions, Wandsworth

sash windows wandsworth

Overstrand Mansions is another incredible London period property with period windows, Wandsworth style. It’s situated on Prince of Wales Drive opposite Battersea Park – a prime location in the borough. We carried out two draught proofs of sash windows and one draught proof of a door for this customer. Our draught proofing procedure is one of our cheapest procedure but is great for people who live in period properties who can’t make many alterations to their windows. If you have single glazing and live in a conservation area or a listed building, this might be perfect for you. Essentially we’ll remove the windows, fit new draught proofing and build and plane as necessary leaving your sash windows operating smoothly and your home draught-free.

Hafer Road, Wandsworth


Hafer Road is a beautiful housing project on a quiet residential road close to Wandsworth High Street. We replaced nine sash windows on this installation in full keeping of the traditional Wandsworth sash windows style. Typical sash windows Wandsworth have slim glazing bars, around 22mm, and small bottom and meeting rails to match. Our sash windows are all designed from the ground up to mimic the traditional proportions of sash windows without sacrificing any modern benefits such as a high u-value, meaning that you don’t need to make compromises when it comes to your new sash windows. Many people who purchase new windows end up going for plastic or cheaper timber composites, but because of conservation area rules, this isn’t an option for many residents of more prestigious London boroughs. Certain streets in particular certainly won’t have this option.

Lavender Gardens, Wandsworth



Lavender Gardens is a gorgeous residential street of large period terraces with striking brickwork features and beautifully manicured masonry. The sash windows are in full keeping with original styles and our windows worked perfectly on this street. We installed 23 sash windows for this customer – a huge order for any residential project but a mark of just how large these terraces can be. This is one of the most prestigious locations in the borough, so the residents can’t afford to install plastic windows or any windows that might compromise the traditional beauty of the area, so for those of you that live in other similarly prestigious locations just give us a call and we’ll be able to provide you technical documents that describe the proportions of your sash windows for your local authority.

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