Sash Windows Islington

Sash Windows Islington

If you’re here to get a costing for your new timber sash windows (either draught proofing, restoration, replacement double or single glazing), casements or doors (front, back or side) please either call us on 020 3302 2060, contact us at [email protected] or use to our online estimate tool. We would be able to provide a free survey at any property in London if you call us or email us, so whatever timber window you’re interested in just get in touch today and we would be happy to talk over our repair, replacement or restoration services with you. Smaller repair jobs like glass replacements may be offered as part of a larger job. Our site surveys are totally free and no-obligation and we should be able to offer a quote for whatever properties and windows / doors you require.

The Borough of Islington

Islington is a borough of North London, home to many well-known or famous people today and throughout history.

What do we do in the borough?

Islington is one of the main London boroughs in which we work and double or single glazed sash windows are very common. The presence of many listed buildings means we’re very experienced at both replacement and sash window repair in Islington. Our experience in the borough means we’re often asked to either repair (either draught proofing or restoration) or replace wooden sash windows, even in conservation areas and historic properties. To showcase some of our new sash window installations we’ve compiled a small list.

John Spencer Square, Islington

sash windows islington john spencer square


We’ve carried out over 10 installations of double glazed sash windows in John Spencer Square, a beautiful Neo-Georgian block of flats typical for Islington. We’ve made a reputation with the management of the building and the residents by being able to provide dependable and professional service by supplying & fitting high quality new sash windows and doors in the best traditions of the original style of the area. Whatever the management have required, we’ve always been able to help!

What did we do here?

We’ve installed so many Georgian style double glazed sash windows (the six over six style) in this building that if you’re passing by, the chances are that the new windows you can see were installed by us! It’s a great privilege to be used so often by the building management and we feel it really speaks to the quality of our products and installers which use and have worked hard to perfect over the many years we’ve been in business. Our double and single glazed sash windows have been painstakingly designed from the ground up to look like the traditional article while providing all the benefits of windows with modern double glazing. Just having the right products isn’t enough, though – without the team to install them you would not get far. A poorly installed sash window, regardless of the quality of the sash window itself, isn’t what the customer paid for. Keeping a team sharp, highly-skilled and experienced in the right areas is an absolutely key part of the whole process.

Foulden Road, Islington

sash windows islington foulden road

At the time of writing we’re working for an Interior Design agency called Golden Design Ltd who have carried out several projects in Islington – one of several Interior Designers we’ve worked for. As a company that works in several affluent locations in London, Golden design are well versed in what sash windows work well in these locations, from typical Victorian terraces to conservation areas. Golden Design Ltd have been creating beautiful interiors for their clients since 2013 and our timber sash windows are a great fit for their design ethos.

What did we do here?

At the time of writing we’re fitting 6 double glazed sash windows in the 1 over 1 style to this particular property and we’ve also installed sash windows in another house on this particular street for a repeat customer that we’ve done two different installations of sash windows for.

Dumont Road, Islington

sash windows dumont road

Dumont Road is a quiet residential street typical of North London.

What did we do here?

For the most recent installation we completed 3 sash window replacement services and 5 box sash window replacements in a typical Victorian terrace property. The sash replacement service is a refurbishment of the existing box frames and a full replacement of the sliding sash windows; a procedure that takes skill, experience and patience to carry out correctly. In contrast, full box replacements are when the entire box is remove from the wall and replaced; again, a procedure that needs experience to be done right. If this is attempted by an installer that doesn’t really know what he’s doing you could, end up with an off-level window that won’t work correctly or you could end up with a collapsed sash window bay.

The living room of the property was fitted with radius head sash windows, which are sash windows with a curved top. These can be tricky as the curve usually needs to be manufactured to look exactly the same as the rest of the street – luckily, these are sash windows we’ve made a lot in the past. We can provide technical drawings of all the sash windows we replace so you’re confident of what the final product will be. Just call us or contact us today and we’ll be happy to help! We can arrange a free site survey and come and look at your sashes in person with a view to providing a quote.

Alwyne Square, Islington

sash windows islington alwyne square

Following bomb damage during the blitz of London in WWII, the square was rebuilt in 1954 by the developers Western Ground Rents, designed by their surveyor Nash, and now consists of small blocks of flats, and rows of terraced houses. Only one of the original houses remains.

What did we do here?

We fitted nine new Georgian style sash windows as per the original designs of the home. For this installation we were just replacing the sash window and refurbishing the box frames. As you can no doubt see, this is a picturesque home in the London borough and our sash windows work well with the style. The six over six sash window is used all over London, and outside of London these kind of sashes also common in historic towns, stately homes and country manors.

Core Sash Windows is a company that has made a reputation over many years throughout Islington as specialists in repair services, sealing / proofing of windows, and repair / sealing / proofing of doors. We offer replacement wooden sash windows, casements and doors with glass or timber frames (front or back). We may also offer restoration or smaller repairs like glass replacements as part of a larger installation – just give us a call or contact us via email and we’ll be happy to talk it over.

Here’s some of our testimonials from the Islington area:

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P Rainey – Islington, N1 (June 2017)

P Willis – Islington, N1 (August 2015)

K Harrison – Hackney, N1 (February 2013)

L Thompson – Hackey, N1 (June 2010)

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