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How much does a sash window replacement cost, and is it worth it? Well, if your sash windows have become damaged there is a good chance that they are costing you more on energy bills and risking the security of your property. Your neighbours may not be too impressed with unsightly old windows either. Whatever your reason to upgrade your windows, you need to be informed; read on to find see your typical sash window replacement cost.

If you have been considering replacing your sash windows, you may want to read on and discover your different options. Contrary to what many homeowners believe, there is more than one replacement option when it comes to sash windows.

Full Box Replacement Service

If you require your sash windows to be completely replaced, our full box replacement service is the package for you. We will replace the whole windows and all its components. leaving you with state-of-the-art sash windows that match your property. This will include double glazing to contribute to energy efficiency, soundproofing and more.

This service will vary on price depending on your situation and the number of windows that need replacing. However, the average full box replacement service for one sash window typically comes in between £1.3k and £1.7k. We will never upsell you on a full box replacement if you could equally benefit from partial replacement and save money.

Sash Replacement

On some occasions the box will not need to be replaced but the sashes will. This is a partial sash window replacement, allowing you to only buy the improvements you need and save money. New sashes will be added to your window, but the frame will be stored to make it more energy-efficient and even more soundproof.

Sash replacement services are a winning combination between replacement and restoration, keeping your property warmer and more inviting – just not to criminals and thieves! The typical cost of this service when supplied by industry experts like Core is £1.1k to £1.4k.

Is Replacement My Only Option?

Sash window replacement is not always the only option for homeowners. If you have sash windows but want to repair your windows after becoming damaged or broken, you may wish for restoration services. The best companies can offer bespoke restorations services to inject new life into old windows. Alternatively, you may benefit from draught proofing services that make your home less prone to cold draughts and prevent heat escaping easily.

Choose Core Sash Windows to Serve You

Core Sash Windows are leaders of the glazing industry, providing replacement sash windows and repair services with a stellar track record. To learn how we can serve you and your property, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

To help you work out the costs of sash replacement on your property, Core offers a free online estimation tool to help you calculate an accurate sash window replacement cost. Just remember, whatever money you spend now you will earn back in energy savings and increased value of your home!

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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