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How much does repair to your sash windows cost? Well, the honest answer is that it depends. It depends on the condition of the window, what you’re trying to achieve and what you’re willing to spend. The following article will provide more information on our services and the option is always open to give us a call (020 3302 2060) and book a free on-site survey.

Why You Should Repair Sash Windows

Sash windows in poor condition can cause a security risk. If the multiple glazing bars made from wood are worn, criminals may be able to access the property without making a disturbance and alerting neighbours.

The other reason to repair sash windows is because it can make your home warmer and more energy efficient. Preventing heat from escaping means lower energy bills and more sustainable living. Not to forget that enhanced windows will increase the value of your property. Repairing sash windows is all-round a wise investment. So, what repairs are available and how much do they cost?

Draught Proofing

If you want to reduce the sash window repair cost, one way of upgrading sash windows is with draught proofing services. These are also used on doors and require the service provider to remove the sash window and fill in any gaps in the frame with a special resin. Afterwards, the woodwork is sanded and then protected with a relevant primer.

This ensures your doors are not just better at keeping the heat in and the cold out, but they also become more soundproofed to make the inside of your home warmer and more relaxing.

Unlike other service providers, Core Sash Windows provide a holistic and thorough service that considers why your windows may have deteriorated in the first place. Many suppliers take a one-size-fits-all approach but Core works to provide bespoke draught proofing services. This can usually be done for less than £400!

Sash Windows Full Restoration

Not all older sash windows need to be replaced. A more cost-effective solution is to choose a sash window full restorations service that gives new life to your windows. Sash windows can regain their functionality and their aesthetics with a detailed restoration service like the one on offer with Core.

For just over £1000, you can get every aspect of your windows restored, including the draught roofing service. Once restored, industry-leading products will be applied to keep your windows protected and ready for many more years of warmth and security.

Speak with Industry Experts, Today!

Find out more about draught proofing and full restoration services for our sash windows by speaking with knowledgeable glazing experts. The team here at Core are on hand and ready to answer your questions. Get in touch and figure how what your sash window repair cost will be!

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

call us: 020 3302 2060 or email: [email protected]

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