Sash Replacement

In some cases, there’s no need to replace the box frame. In these cases, our sash replacement service could be useful to you. Essentially we’ll try to save you some money and just restore your current frame while we replace just the sliding sashes. This will leave you with brand new sashes with very similar heat retention / noise exclusion as a brand new box might have.

Full Rundown of the Sash Replacement Service:

  • Remove & dispose of all staff & parting beads.
  • Remove & dispose of existing single glazed sashes.
  • Burn off heavy paint from all linings, side linings, lippings and hardwood sills. We will not burn paint from architraves or internal linings.
  • Sand down all of the above woodwork.
  • Carry out any necessary box and timber repairs, splice in new timber where necessary & fill all cracks with epoxy resin.
  • Supply & fit 4 x new square top pulleys.
  • New lead weights or spiral balance springs (where applicable) will be supplied & fitted.
  • Sashes will be hung on masking tape protected white waxed cotton sash cords.
  • New staff & parting beads will be supplied & fitted with draught seals.
  • Aquatex A10 weatherseal (white) will be fitted to staff beads.
  • Aquatex D slot weatherseal (white) will be fitted to parting beads & meeting rails.
  • All unprimed woodwork – box frames, hardwood sills, architrave, bullnose sills and window boards will be decorated with 2 coats of Teknos microporous undercoat and top coat. Any complex panelling or shutters is not painted unless itemised on the quotation.
  • New sashes will be decorated with 1 extra coat of Teknos microporous top coat in-situ.
  • Full set of new standard ironmongery. This comprises 2x restrictors with 1x key, 1x hook fastener, 2x sash lifts and 4x square top pulleys.
  • All work areas will be fully protected and vacuumed each evening.
  • All glass and work areas will be cleaned on completion.
  • All rubbish will be removed from the site regularly.

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