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If you are about to have new timber sash windows installed in your property or already have very recently, you will likely want to know how best you can ensure they have as long a lifespan as possible. As with anything, it comes down to how you take care of them. In the following post, to help you out we will highlight some quick and easy window maintenance tips you should follow.

Immediately After Installation

So, if you’ve just had them installed, the installation team should have already directed you about this, but you should avoid closing the windows properly while there is still wet paint on them. If you do, you could run the risk of the windows being stuck shut and even if you’re able to free them and open them, the paintwork will be affected.

Potted Plants and Other Live Vegetation

Although we understand that potted plants really help to finish a room off and look nice near a window, we would advise against keeping on the woodwork. This is because any leaves, pollen or even water leaks can cause damage and diminish the look and feel of your new windows. IF you want to keep flowers near your windows, we’d suggest using a table or other piece of furniture to place the flowers on rather than directly onto the woodwork.

Clean Dirt, Moss, Any Other Debris Off Woodwork Immediately

It is imperative, if you’re serious about looking after your window maintenance and getting the best return on your investment possible, you need to clean them regularly. This means the first sign of any dirt, moss or any other debris or dust, you should take measures to wipe it away. The longer dirt is left on wood, the greater the risk there is of it rotting.

Tackling Condensation

Condensation is something we all must deal with at some point or another. When you notice condensation settling on the windowpane, frame or even the windowsill, you need to act immediately. Start by opening the window slightly to ventilate the area and room, then wipe the excess moisture away. If you’re not quick about it, the moisture could cause damage, at first to the paintwork then the woodwork.

A word of caution too if you have draught-proof single-glazed windows as these can be especially prone to higher condensation levels during autumn and winter. This is particularly true in warmer rooms in the house such as kitchens and bedrooms or any with higher levels of moisture such as bathrooms.

About bathroom windows, they should always be open slightly while the bath or shower is being used to help provide ventilation, so moisture and steam that collects on the windowpane won’t drip and gather up on the woodwork.

Take a Gentle Approach

To ensure your products last as long as possible, you need to carry out basic window maintenance and care. When you open the sash windows in your property, always do so gently to avoid forcefully pushing them up as there could be a chance the lead weights are jammed or tangled in the box frame. This should be followed especially when opening sash windows on spiral balance springs, as these are very delicate and easily detach when windows are opened with excessive force.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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