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Traditional Doors

Our Traditional Doors combine the strength of modern materials and construction techniques with period designs, resulting in an elegant and enduring entryway.

Enjoying two factory-sprayed primer coats, two factory-sprayed topcoats, and one hand-painted topcoat of Teknos micro-porous paint, our Traditional Doors benefit from a bacterial, mould, and UV resistant finish which still retains the period character you’ve come to expect from our traditionally-inspired designs.

The security of your home is ensured by an ASSA multi-point locking system, which can be operated by your choice of either a modern handle, an internal thumb-turn, or an entirely traditional key-operated system.

We are capable of mimicking almost any existing period style, thereby allowing you to upgrade your front door to high-performance Engineered Timber, toughened double-glazing, and multi-point locking all whilst still retaining the beauty and glamour of your original front facade.

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