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French Doors

It may shock you to learn that French Doors are over 500 years old, having originated in the 16th Century!

In a time before electric lighting, the large glass areas of their symmetrical designs allowed for homes to be brighter, airier and more spacious than ever before. This practicality, combined with elegant beauty, catalysed their adoption by the architects of London throughout the 17th Century, and they continue to be a timeless staple of our home design to this very day!

Fortunately, here at Core Sash Windows we’re able to replicate the same timeless beauty enjoyed for centuries past, yet with all the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

Thanks to multi-point locking, reinforced receivers, Secured-By-Design handles and toughened / laminated safety glass, all of our Core Sash French Doors are fully compliant with Building Regulations (Part N) and British Standards (6262), affording you a stunning, yet secure, view of your beautiful garden, patio, balcony or terrace.

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