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Triple Casement

A triple casement is a hinged opening window, meaning that your heat insulation and noise exclusion are maximised. A triple casement is a great solution for larger openings, with three sashes than can be opened independently. Three sashes can be a great convenience as it gives you a high degree of control over the amount of air coming in to the property, but at the same time allows you to fully seal the opening when the sashes are closed.

When you buy a casement window, you also have more control over the type of furniture you want to use, so if you’ve found something you like then all you’ve got to do is let us know and we’ll be able to make it work for you in most cases. From Monkey Tails (the furniture on the curved casement you can see in our casement gallery), to Pear Drop handles there’s almost nothing that won’t work. If you have no preference we’ll provide you with a standard lockable handle in either Polished Chrome or Polished Brass.

Essentially, casement windows are windows for the practically minded customer. Do you love the look of the sash windows, or are you all about making sure that your house stays as warm as possible during the winter? If you’re more about the practicality rather than the aesthetics of the home, then casement windows would be a great investment. They’re easy to operate, they’re excellent heat retainers and they’re usually a little bit cheaper than sash windows.

In addition to our standard Engineered Siberian Pine windows, we can produce casement windows in Aluminium as well. Aluminium takes the practicality a step further by giving you the chance to spend a little more to get a product that will last longer. Many people, despite the benefits, do prefer Engineered Timber over Aluminium because it looks a lot more traditional and in general goes well with the average London home.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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