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Even if you have no intention of selling your home any time soon, it is still worth considering ways to improve its value for when you do. The last thing you want really is to sell it for less. One of the most common improvements homeowners make to their property is updating the windows and doors. In fact, it seems that this is a growing trend, according to the results of the Hiscox Renovations and Extensions Report in 2018. The report showed over the previous five years, the number of percentage of homeowners who choose to improve their homes rather than move had risen by 3% to 15%.

To put that number into perspective, it is representative of over 4m households. So, it’s clear a lot of people think it really helps to renovate and install new windows and doors. If you’ve been unsure whether you should or not, let’s look at some of the great ways new windows and doors can add value to your home.

Better Curb Appeal

Look at the image for this post. If you were looking to buy a property and drove past a home for sale with windows that looked like that. Noticeably aged and potentially in bad working condition, would you really want to invest in it? Compare that to a property with brand-new, modern and clean windows with no noticeable defects. It’s likely you’d be more attracted to the second property.

AS well as looking more appealing, the quality and condition of the windows say a lot about how secure the property is.

Improves the Actual Value

One of the ways new windows and doors add value is by adding value – allowing you to increase the selling price. It’s thought that just by adding double glazing windows to a property that can increase its value between 3 and 10%. Obviously, it will depend on the type of windows you choose, the number, size and even style because those factors will have a bearing on how much installation costs.

However, the bottom line is if you want to improve how your property looks and make it a better investment for potential buyers, new windows and doors is an easy way to achieve it.

Enhances the Energy Efficiency of the Property

As energy prices always seem to be on the rise, the energy efficiency of a property is a concern for most homeowners. Poorly installed or just old and worn-out windows and doors can account for a large percentage of the heat loss in your home. Even if you have reasonable quality single glazing fixtures, you could still benefit by having new double-glazed solutions installed.

Double glazing, on average, retains around 10% more heat. Which, in turn, means you do not need to rely on your central heating as much. This is very appealing to buyers who want to know they won’t be paying sky-high electricity bills.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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