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Timber is an invaluable material for many reasons – we burn it for fuel, work with it in architecture, and use it for everything from flooring to furniture, but the importance of trees goes beyond the wood they provide. Forests are one of our strongest contributors to CO2 reduction; they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, providing vital aid in our fight against climate change. It’s therefore extremely important that we move towards sustainable timber

What Makes Timber Sustainable?

Each and every type of timber has its own unique qualities. Some timbers are best for use in construction work while others are better suited to crafting durable furniture.

Sustainably sourced timber is wood that has been grown and harvested using sustainable methods. The two most important elements of sustainable forestry are:

  • Replanting trees for every one that is cut down
  • Ensuring the forestry is undertaken without damage to the surrounding environment and its inhabitants

By choosing timber that has been sourced sustainably, companies can help improve the state of the planet by retaining the wealth of benefits brought by trees, as well as protecting natural wildlife habitats.

Best Sustainable Timber Types

There are two main categories of timber:

  • Hardwood – usually comes from broad-leaved (deciduous) trees such as oak, birch and beech.
  • Softwood – usually from coniferous (evergreen) trees with needles, such as fir, yew and pine.

We stock only the very best sustainable timber on the market. Our standard timber types are Siberian pine and oak, derived from sustainable forests where they use responsible logging techniques.

The Benefits of Sustainable Timber

Sustainability of any sort has numerous benefits for the planet and its inhabitants, and responsibly sourced timber has plenty of its own advantages:

  • Helps us protect natural habitats and keep forest ecosystems balanced and healthy
  • Fights back against climate change by absorbing excess CO2 and other greenhouse gases
  • Enables more trees to give us cleaner and healthier air to breathe
  • Protects human rights – sustainable timber means fair pay and good working conditions for labourers, as well as preserving the lives of indigenous peoples

As you can see, the benefits of choosing sustainable timber are numerous and go above and beyond simply preserving forests. By choosing sustainable timber, you are helping to create a safer, healthier planet and a brighter future for generations to come.

What is FSC Certified Timber?

FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council, a global organisation that certifies whether a forest is sustainable or not. Products marked with the FSC logo have been approved as sustainable – look for it when buying any type of timber product, such as decking, fencing and furniture to ensure you’re doing your bit to help the planet.

Excessive and irresponsible forestry could cost us our planet’s health and seriously impact our lives, as well as the lives of our children. By choosing sustainably sourced timber, you are fuelling an industry that takes responsibility for its decisions and is actively working towards a better future.

Look for the FSC logo on all the timbers you buy to give you peace of mind and ensure your money is supporting the continuation of forests for years to come. All our sash windows London are manufactured using engineered timber and are FSC certified.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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