Dust Protection

What methods will you use to protect my home?

Replacing your sash windows is an undeniably messy job; there’s 100 year-old dust and cobwebs, splinters from the timber and plaster from the disturbance of the wall. Whilst this is unavoidable, we also feel that this is no excuse. We have a comprehensive dust protection service to help minimise the disruption to our customer’s homes. If you’d rather we didn’t use single-use plastic, just let us know and we’ll let you know which other options are availale to you.

Floor Protection:

Dust sheets protect your carpet from the dust generated by the installation and the wear and tear that comes with a team of workmen working in your home.
Dust sheets taped up for dust protection
Floor to Ceiling Protection:

Wherever possible, we'll also use floor to ceiling dust protection, using props to secure the dust sheets. This will be cleared away at the end of the day.
Plastic sheets for dust protection

We vacuum every disturbed room at the end of every working day, and provide a comprehensive clean prior to leaving site at the end of the installation.
Hoover for dust Protection
Additional Protection:

If you have tiling or wooden flooring, we'll need to lay down a few sheets of Correx, as we have heavy tools and move large products through the home.
Correx sheets for dust protection

How important is dust protection?

The short answer is that it’s very important. Aside from causing a hassle when you need to clean up, long-term exposure to large amounts of wood dust can be hazardous to your health. The young or elderly are particularly at risk. Our dust protection is second-to-none, with floor to ceiling protection being a central part of our carpenter’s training. We see it as a no brainer and a win-win scenario. If we spend a little longer preparing our work area, we spend less time cleaning up and you get to come back from a hard day to see that your home and possessions have been well respected.

Worker safety

Although long term exposure to wood dust isn’t going to be a worry for your average homeowner, it can be for our workers. That’s why we ensure that we are fullly compliant with all health and safety regulations. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure we have a great workforce, so we like to make sure that they’re going to be with us as many years as possible.

Protecting Your Home and Your Health!

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