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Draught Proofing

For some customers, cost is the ultimate priority. For this reason we offer our Draught Proofing service – what we consider to be the bare minimum level of service required to have a significant effect on your sash windows. Essentially, this service will make your windows fit snugly and move freely within their openings

Full Rundown of the Draught Proofing Service:

  • Remove & dispose of all staff & parting beads.
  • Dismantle sashes
  • Carry out any necessary sash repairs & fill all cracks with epoxy resin.
  • Once resin is dry, sand woodwork.
  • Prime all bare timber with Teknos micro-porous base primer.
  • Add-on lead weights (where applicable) will be supplied & fitted to counterbalance sashes. *Allow an additional sum of £10-£15 for add-on weight per window.
  • Sashes will be hung on white waxed cotton sash cords.
  • New staff & parting beads will be supplied & fitted with draught seals.
  • Aquatex A10 weatherseal (white) will be fitted to staff beads.
  • Aquatex D slot weatherseal (white) will be fitted to parting beads & meeting rails.
  • New and bare timber sections will be decorated with Teknos micro-porous standard RAL colour 9016 ‘Traffic White”. *Additional paint colours must be provided by client.
  • All work areas will be fully protected and vacuumed each evening.
  • All glass and work areas will be cleaned on completion.
  • All rubbish will be removed from site on completion.