Double Glazed Front Doors

Double Glazed Front Doors

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A good entryway to your home is extremely important. It’s great to give an amazing first impression to all the people that visit you, and with a timber door you’re definitely giving people that good first impression. A stunning period door with traditional timber panels and a nice Victorian style knocker can look really good and creates an undeniable impression. It’s much cheaper to get a plastic door, but then if you also have plastic windows, then all your products are likely to look bulky and cheap. If you have a timber door and also timber windows, people passing by in the street or new visitors to your home will be able to see the thin frames and elegant structure that goes into these kind of products.

Please note that if you’re looking to make your doors upvc then you’ll have to go elsewhere as we specialise in timber double glazed doors, back doors and bifold doors.

Front Door Glossary

If you’re thinking of buying a door, then you’re likely to be coming across a lot of terms that you don’t understand. We’ve listed a few of the most common terms below. If there’s anything else you’re not 100% sure about, feel free to give our office a call!

Multi-point Locking

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Older doors have one big bolt that was operated with a key. These days, we have more sophisticated locking systems with three bolts that operate simultaneously. This locking system is built into the door sash, so you won’t really see any difference.


The bottom part of the door frame, or ‘sill’ of the door.


The small window that is installed above your door.

The Price of Front Doors

The price for door s can vary greatly, since all doors all bespoke. We can keep the price low if you’re willing to go for a less complicated design. Your double glazed doors will be the first thing that people see when they come into your home, so many people think it’s worth spending more so you don’t have an ugly composite door or upvc door as your entryway. If your only concern is keeping the price low, and style, looks or durability aren’t huge concerns, then a upvc door might be more up your alley. Timber products will never be the cheapest on the market, but a good timber door as your main entryway or back door can really add a touch of elegance to your property.

The Style of Front Doors

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The range of door styles is almost endless. There’s a certain limit on what our factory can accomplish with your products but we’re always willing to talk things over with you and see what is achievable. The more complex the design, the more likely that your door will be on the high side of the price range. There’s also a lot of conservation areas in London that greatly restrict the range of styles that you can actually choose from, with some demanding that you stick with the styles that are already common in the street.


The glazing on your door can be standard opaque double glazing, or we can go for a more complex stained glass. Glazing, as with timber, has a huge amount of variation – so just ask your surveyor what we can achieve and we’ll be able to let you know. The glazed panels, if you choose to have glazed panels, can be satin glass to eliminate the possibility of someone looking through to the interior.


At the high end of the price range, you can go for Accoya timber. As standard we produce timber in European Redwood, but there’s also the option for Oak in addition to Accoya. If you were to choose to go for a solid timber design (i.e not engineered wood), we can make the door with bare timber and varnish it on site, meaning you’ll have a really great timber texture on your door.


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We have the full RAL range to choose from, and if you’re not interested in any colour in the RAL range, we can always just paint in whatever colour you’d like. So if you’ve really got your eye on a particular farrow & ball product, then just let us know and we’ll make sure that your products are painted with these colours instead. UPVC doors have very little variation in what they can do as doors are typically produced to certain colours. We can also ensure that timber doors aren’t painted at all, so you can have the bare timber look.

The Security of Front Doors

On either upvc doors, french doors, back doors, patio doors or a cheaper composite door, high security is going to be foremost in the customer’s thoughts. That’s why all our doors come with high security multi-point locking, which means that the door is secured at three separate points instead of one. Any ground floor external doors will need to have this multi-point locking, but if you’re thinking of getting a door on a higher floor then you can look into slim profile products, which is basically when we remove the multi-point locking system so reduce the size of the timber frames. Multi-point doors are much more difficult to break into than your standard door, which is why multi-point locking comes under the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Secured By Design’ initiative. Our doors, should you request it, will be secured by design. Secured by design is a method of door manufacture is recommended by the police force, meaning that all of their experience with criminal methodology has gone into creating an extremely secure product, and all the typical methods that thieves use have been accounted for.

The Importance of a Good Front Door

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The main entryway to your home is extremely important as it’s the first thing that people see when they come into your house. Most people see plastic products as cheap, and composite doors as insecure. Good timber external doors combine the best of both worlds, being extremely secure with the multi-point locking while looking great!

Timber doors can look great with glazed panels, full timber panels and fanlights with etched numbers. All our designs mimic the traditional proportions of the original doors so we’re sure we’ll be able to find something you like. Full timber designs can look great with a metal knocker and etched fanlights, which really has a classic Victorian feel.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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