Double Glazed French Doors

Double Glazed French Doors

If all you’re looking for is a price for your French Doors, just head straight over to our Online Estimate Tool page. If you’re looking for more information on French Doors then your search is at an end; this article aims to provide you everything you might need!

Price of French Doors

double glazed french doors price

Basic Price Info

French Doors are a more complex product than single doors and as a result cost more. Although they do cost more, nothing looks better than a new set of French Doors, and nothing lets the light into your property to the same degree. If you want a costing, then it’s best to head over to our online estimate tool, but these doors typically come at around the 2.5k to 3k mark. Please bear in mind that without having seen any measurements, this is quite a ball park guess, and errs on the high side of what the price might be.

Survey / Estimating Process

If you want to arrange a site survey, just give us a call and we’d be happy to arrange it. We’ll come over, talk over the project in person and then send you our best offer on the French Doors via email. We always send our best price first time, but occasionally a new offer or discount might be available in which case we’ll talk about it on the survey.


The best way to give you an accurate price for your door is to use our online system. Once we’ve gotten all the details of your products together, we’ll draw up an offer on our system and get it sent over to you. All you need to do is click the link on your email and you’ll be taken straight to the page where you can accept the quotation and get the ball rolling on your new door. Please bear in mind that we may be carrying out a lot of surveys at any one time, and so the responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the quotation ultimately rests with you. Please take your time and make sure we understand all the details of your new product, after all, it’s your home, and a stitch in time saves nine!

Double Glazed French Door Style Range

There’s a huge variety of products available in our French Door range, meaning that we should be able to find a design that really works for you. The glass and the timber frames can all be changed to accommodate your wishes, so there’s a huge amount of variation in what we can go.

double glazed french doors style

Timber Frames

The timber frames on the products can be altered to whatever size opening you might have. The large range of options means that the timber doesn’t have to look standard, we can make it whatever paint colour or wood oil colour that takes your fancy. We can offer an almost unlimited range of paint options, and almost as much wood oil options on our products.


The range of glass options we have available is almost unlimited. From the typical types of glass like toughened, acoustic etc, there’s also a lot of stained glass that we can do. If you’re really attached to your current stained glass then just let us know and hopefully we’ll be able to replace it with something similar. We want to work with you to make your door exactly how you want it, so just let us know what you need!

Timber French Doors vs uPVC French Doors

Timber French Doors are much more environmentally friendly than plastic french doors. The manufacturing process of heavy plastic like a uPVC french door is very tough on the environment, and the disposal process of the uPVC french doors aren’t any easier on the environment. Essentially the door never breaks down naturally and to get rid of the bulky plastic it’s necessary to release more harmful materials into the atmosphere. UPVC french doors and uPVC windows were used in huge numbers throughout the 80s, and are still popular today, meaning that our landfills are still being filled with uPVC french doors and other uPVC products. Since most people would prefer a cheaper product over something that might be more expensive and last longer, these kind of uPVC products can become a strain on landfills and disposal facilities.

uPVC French Doors, while a cheap and cheerful way to get your new door installed as cheaply as possible, often have a continuing cost to local authorities long after you’ve removed them. Not only are these doors very bad for the environment, but uPVC French Doors aren’t as maintainable as their timber counterparts, meaning that they’ll yellow over time and won’t be paintable like wooden French Doors would be. uPVC french doors should be considered only if price is your only factor, over things like durability, the environment and aesthetics.

In summary, a uPVC french door is a quick and easy way to get your new french doors, but it creates a strain on the environment that we should be trying our hardest to minimise. Timber french doors are a totally viable alternative for your home, and although the price is somewhat high compared with plastic, that ‘high’ price is offset by the ease of maintenance and will make your home look a great deal nicer than uPVC would. upVC should be considered as a last resort and if you can afford to buy timber doors for your home, you probably should!

Usage of French Doors

To properly use your french door, you must use the handle that came with the product. Your new doors french will come with two possible opening systems that much be correctly used in order to properly maintain the product over time.

Modern Profile

A French Door with a modern profile comes with a full ‘multi point’ locking system. This system must be properly engaged on the handle each time you use the door. The door is more secure using this system, but to accommodate the locking system, the proportions of the door will need to be slightly thicker than they might otherwise be. The lock is situated within the glazed sashes and is operated by using the key and the handle at the same time, while pushing up on the handle.

Traditional Profile

Thin profiles don’t come with a locking system from the factory. Instead we install a light locking system (we have several options available) to keep the frames as thin as possible. This is only really advisable if the door is on balcony or similar. The lock is operated by using a key to turn bolts at the top or the bottom, and the doors themselves are locked with a catch or some similar device that sits between the two glazed sashes.

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