Double Glazed Doors

Double Glazed Doors

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A double glazed door, or solid timber door, can be a great new addition to your home. Your door is often the first thing that people see when they come into your home, and with a huge range of design options available, we’re sure we’ll be able to find something that works for you!

Terms you’ll need to know

Fanlight: A small window that is fixed above your door.

Multi-point Locking: Instead of a typical single bolt, multi-point locking locks the door at three separate points.

Timber / Glazed Panels: Most doors typically have either two or four panels, with glazing and timber equally distributed.

What we do

Core Sash Windows can supply and install many door products from front doors, french door s and bifolding external doors in timber or aluminium. We do not produce internal doors, only external doors. What that said, if internal doors or other off standard windows are an integral part of your project then there’s no reason we can’t take a look at your requirements.

Front Doors

Front doors have been a staple of London’s architecture for hundreds of years. The fist thing that people see when they come into your home, your front door can really make a good impression. We can produce the doors in either a traditional full timber or a half timber / half glass design, or if you’d prefer something different just let our surveyor know and they’ll be able to get some drawings for you. Once you’re happy, we can move forwards with production. A back door is usually different to a front door as they’re obviously installed at the back of the house. Since the back of the house is generally seen less than the front, people tend to focus more on creating an inviting entryway to the garden as opposed to a front door which is kind of a fashion statement for a lot of people.

French Doors

French doors are typically fixed at the back of the property to provide a view to the back garden. These doors allow a huge amount of natural light to flood into the property, making it seem brighter and more engaging and friendly. Having a french door leading your back garden keeps your entryway traditional but still allows a lot of natural light into the living room or kitchen. It’s a great compromise between modern products and traditional elegance.

Bifold Doors

If you choose to go for bifold doors, you’re making a good choice. These doors have the most glass area of all and are designed to cover large openings. A bifold door at the back of the house, while not traditional, is still a great option in terms of natural light and having a nice free opening to the back garden for the summer months. If you have space for a large opening at the back of the house, our bifolds might work well for you.

Timber Doors vs Plastic Doors

UPVC doors are very bad for the environment. Not only does the manufacturing process of the upvc door itself produce a lot of waste and toxic chemicals, but the disposal process does too! Our timber windows are all produced from sustainable timber from forests in Europe, and can rot and degrade over a relatively short period of time if placed in a landfill. A upvc door might make good sense in the short term, since it saves money, but in the long term if you ever damage it you won’t be able to carry out a quick repair yourself and the long term impact to the environment is making more people than ever before back away from this product.

Range of Door Design Options

A door is one of the most important parts of the home. If you have a traditional oak door with traditional styles and a painted number above it, and your neighbours have a plastic upvc door, who’s home will look more appealing? Even the most basic styles look a great deal better than UPVC. As another benefit, timber can be painted whatever colour you feel best matches your home, so interior designers love them!

Price of Doors

Timber Doors

The price for your new timber doors depends very much on the product, if you want to keep the price low then you’ll most likely want to go for a full timber door, but if you’re not too concerned if the price high then just about any design will be on the table. Keeping the price low shouldn’t necessarily be your first priority since things like guarantee length and product performance should be considered; after all, what’s the point of buying low cost windows and doors if you’re not getting the high performance that others might be getting from paying a little more? Choose something on the high side of the price range to get something that really stands the test of time.

Typical costs

Typically, an engineered timber door for the front of the house might cost something like 2.1k. Please be aware that this price is given without seeing any measurements and without discussing the style of the door, which makes it good for a ballpark estimate but not much else. A French or Bifold door would typically be more expensive, and oak / accoya timber options would be more expensive still. All these options are on the table, and we can always draw up several ideas and talk you through which one might work the best for you. A typical french door might cost around 2.4-2.5k and a typical bifold door might cost around 3k, but always take these prices with a pinch of salt until someone has actually measured it.

UPVC Doors

Plastic products are much more limited in terms of available styles.

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