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If you’re thinking about replacing your windows or doors, does your heart sink at the idea due to the bad reputation of pushy salesmen and overinflated prices? The industry is flooded with dodgy sales techniques where the sole purpose is to get you to buy as quickly as possible, not actually considering your wants or needs.

However, forewarned is forearmed and we have all the info you need. This handy guide will run through the tactics you might encounter, and how to spot them in advance.

The discount you can’t refuse

Hands up who loves a bargain! Being offered top-quality items at rock-bottom prices is hard to resist but sometimes the “discounts” you’re being offered aren’t as credible as you might think.

One of the most common tactics in the industry is to offer customers huge discounts to sign on the dotted line. If you agree to the sale on the spot you could receive a whopping 50% discount on the price.

If you ask for a bit more time to think about the decision, you’re likely to be advised that the discount will no longer apply. Before you panic into signing, it’s worth asking yourself why. The windows and doors industry is pretty stable and the costs are the same from week to week. If a discount is available today, then why wouldn’t the same company keep the deal open for you for a week? It really makes no sense.

The only possible answer is that they’re reluctant for you to shop around because then you might discover that the “amazing” discount really isn’t as competitive as you’ve been led to believe. Any company that can slash their prices by such vast sums are operating with fat profit margins in the first place. Shop around and you could just find windows and doors at the same price elsewhere without the same pressure to buy right away.

Expecting you to sign right away

It’s normal to need a quick survey to get a quote, but we believe it’s much fairer to send you the estimate and give you time to think. Buying new windows and doors is a considerable expense and we want you to be happy with what you choose.

Elsewhere you might find salesmen turn up with a laptop and full PowerPoint presentation about why you should buy their products. Once they’re in your home, you’ve got no alternative but to politely sit through the hard-sell tactics and keep resisting the suggestions to sign on the spot.

Sure, you could ask them to leave but it creates an awkward situation that most people are keen to avoid.

Other tactics

Salesman are trained to exploit any uncertainty in a customer and to set up the circumstances to close a sale right away. There’s a whole host of other tactics they might use to get you to sign. See if any of the following sound familiar:

  • Insisting that both decision-makers are present e.g. both husband and wife
  • Offering to add your order to another local, large order to secure a low price
  • They need your sale to reach their target so are authorised to offer a ‘special’ discount for today only
  • Offering you a discount if you buy on one visit as it saves them money
  • Limited numbers available for a deal
  • A neighbourhood discount

Take your time and get it right

If any of the above sounds familiar, there’s a very good chance the original prices were grossly inflated and you’re being manipulated to sign on the spot. Avoid salesman who put you under pressure and opt for professional tradesman who provide you with the time and space to consider your decision and decide to buy when you’re ready.

To discover a different way of buying high-quality windows and doors, get in touch with Core Sash Windows today.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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