DIY – Fitting sash window fasteners

Equipment required:

  • A drill, preferably cordless, with small and large heads.
  • A screwdriver.
  • A pencil.

1- Fitting the female component of the lock

The female component of sash windows fasteners are usually positioned in the middle of the top sash. Firstly, you should use a pencil to mark the drilling points. This allows you to position the component in the proper manner first time, as failing to position properly initially will mean you’ll have to fit it again, possibly causing damage to the timber and paintwork due to the multiple drill holes. You should be aware of the position of the component relative to the sliding sashes, i.e it should not be placed in such a way that it obstructs the action of the window. Once you’ve marked out where it will sit, you should use a small drill head to create a pilot hole which you will then enlarge with a drill head similar to the size of fastener’s screws. The component should then be manually screwed onto the top sash, taking care that you do not damage the visible portions of the screws as this can look untidy.

2- Fitting the male component of the lock

The male component is installed in exactly the same way as the female. The only thing to watch out for is the position; it should be placed in such a way that when fastened, it pulls the sashes and the draught proofing closer together, increasing the draught seal. It’s tricky to get this right so I’d recommend testing this and taking your time marking your location. Too close and they won’t pull together, too far and the fastener may be harder to use as there is too much tension between the two.

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