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Our Comprehensive Fitting Service

We are one of the few companies on the market offering a fully comprehensive fitting service, thereby ensuring that you are left with a finished product that meets our exacting standards, matches your period features, and saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors. We feel that it is our meticulous attention to the small details that sets us apart from our competitors.
Our fully comprehensive fitting service includes everything you’d expect from an installation, and some things that may surprise you:
Many companies believe that a factory-sprayed paint job is enough, and will simply install the window exactly as it has left the factory. However, machine-perfect spray coats give a sterile and industrial finish that undermines the traditional look that most customers are trying to replicate.   When we fit a new product on-site, our painters will also provide a final hand-painted coat of Teknos Micro-Porous paint, on top of the 2 factory sprayed primer coats and 2 factory sprayed top coats.The brush marks impart a hand-finished feel, and allow your new double-glazed replacements to blend in seamlessly with surrounding period features.
Many other installers use silicone to weather-seal your new windows and doors around the exposed exterior brickwork. Whilst being the quicker and easier option, this type of seal is vulnerable to rapid and unsightly discolouration.We feel that using silicone is an unacceptable shortcut, that will impact the traditional finish of your new windows / doors.For this reason, we provide sand-and-cement pointing joints as standard, so that all new details are faithful to your property’s original features.
When a complete sash window, casement window or door is changed, including replacement of the original box frame, damage to the surrounding plaster is a realistic possibility.If any plasterwork is damaged during the course of a new box-frame installation, we will repair this damage as part of the installation; this even includes painting the new plaster, we will only ask you to supply the matching wall paint (unless it’s standard white emulsion).
Protection and Cleaning 
Replacing your windows is an undeniably messy job; there’s 100 year-old dust and, splinters from the timber and plaster from the disturbance of the wall.We use dust barriers in order to fully protect your furniture, carpets and hard floors. In addition, we fully vacuum every room we work in at the end of every working day and provide a comprehensive clean prior to leaving site at the end of the installation.