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Put simply, a casement is a window that works by using hinges. In the UK, casements were the most common type of window before the sash window was introduced and usually contained glass panes held in place with strips of lead. You can still see many of these old types of casement windows around London – we’ve even replicated this style ourselves on more than one occasion!

Casement bays are simply groups of casement windows. From a customer’s perspective casement bays are a great choice – for instance, if you take a look at the image for this blog post you’ll see that this casement bay also provides access to the back garden, which wouldn’t be possible if this was a sash bay. They’re also, generally speaking, cheaper than sash windows and less labour intensive while providing a better weather seal!

With highly varied taste throughout London, casements provide a versatile solution to your window needs. Available in almost any style or design and completely bespoke, casement windows can fulfil any requirement you might have. Click this link to see some examples of our casement windows.


Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

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