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Sound Reduction

What is sound? ‘Sound’ is vibration that travels in waves. These sound waves will ripple out in all directions from the source of the sound, much like water will ripple in [...]

Replacement vs Repair

You’re not happy with your existing windows and doors. So what do you do? Repair or replace? Here at Core Sash Windows, we have tried our very best to summarise what [...]

Timber vs uPVC Windows

Maintenance and Repair   It is often claimed that uPVC windows require no maintenance. Whilst it would be lovely if this were true, unfortunately it is not: there is no such [...]

Sash Window Replacement – Full Box or Sash Only?

What are my options? Commonly, when considering sash window replacement, there are two options available to you: Sash Only replacement and Full Box replacement. To help you make an informed decision, [...]

Glossary of Sash Window Terms

At Core Sash Windows, we have created this helpful Glossary of Sash Window Terms. Hopefully it will help you to understand just exactly what our surveyors are saying! Architrave: The moulded decorative [...]

Conservation Areas and You

How could living in a conservation area affect me? Since 1967, over 9000 conservation areas have been designated across England. In these conservation areas, the local authority is granted extra controls [...]

Engineered Timber vs Solid Timber

We receive a lot of phone-calls and emails, asking us why we offer Engineered Timber instead of more traditional solid timber. There is a misconception that solid timber is superior to [...]

DIY – Fitting sash window fasteners

Equipment required: A drill, preferably cordless, with small and large heads. A screwdriver. A pencil. 1- Fitting the female component of the lock The female component of sash window fasteners are usually positioned in the [...]

Going Green with Timber Windows

We at Core Sash Windows understand that it is important to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to your home, and we are dedicated to using the most sustainable and [...]