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Casement Windows & Bays

Put simply, a casement is a window that works by using hinges. In the UK, casements were the most common type of window before the sash window was introduced and usually contained glass panes held in place with strips of [...]

Sash Window Cost Calculator

If you’d like to get a rough costing for your sash window, the quickest way is to head over to our sash window cost calculator. This is a tool designed for [...]

Sash Window Repair

We offer two set services for repair of sash windows, but we can occasionally do other odd jobs on site if needed and if part of a larger contract. We have [...]

Bespoke Sash Windows

If you own a Georgian or Victorian property, when you hear “sash windows” you’ll probably think of the ‘standard’ designs: one pane above one pane, two panes above two panes, and [...]

Stiff Sash Window? Maybe The Window Isn’t To Blame

Are you struggling with a stiff sash window? Before you worry that your window may be defective, please consider your access to the window. Occasionally, household items and / or features such [...]

Finishing Touches & A Fully Comprehensive Service

Finishing Touches Our customers are often surprised by just how comprehensive our standard service is, and we are frequently asked why we provide these ‘finishing touches’ when most other installers do [...]

Period Windows

Overview Sash windows were popular throughout the following historical periods: The Georgian Period (1714 – 1837) The Victorian Period (1837 – 1901) The Edwardian Period (1901 – 1910) During this 196-year [...]

Low Emissivity Glass

What is Sunlight? ‘Sunlight’ is radiation from the Sun. Typically, the Solar Radiation that hits the surface of the Earth can be broken down into three parts:   Infrared Infrared Radiation [...]

Traditional Front Door

In this video we focus on our fantastic Traditional Front Door. Traditional Front Doors in london, UK Design: The Traditional Front Door has 4 panels, with each panel made of either [...]

Thermal Efficiency and U-Values

What is a U Value? A U Value is the measurement of how effective a particular material is as a heat insulator. The formula for calculating a material’s U Value is [...]