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Completed Job – Sash Windows in Hackney

One of the jobs we completed last week was the replacement of a sash window bay in Hackney. Click sash windows to see more examples of these products just head over [...]

Completed Job – Sash Windows and Casement Windows in Hackney

We’ve just completed our second job for a customer in Hackney – 12 sash window boxes and some casement windows. Here’s a few pictures from the installation! If you’d like more [...]

Completed Job – Refurb & Draught Proofing In Waltham Forest

We’ve just completed the draught proofing and refurbishment of a sash window in Waltham Forest. Click the link to learn more about our sash window draught proofing service!

Completed Job – New French Door in Wood Green

We’ve just installed a French door in Wood Green. This customer has gone for a maximum glass design with a matching side flag. To see more examples of our French Doors, [...]

Completed Job – New Sash Windows in Essex

We’ve just finished work on a farm in Essex! This wonderful property is complemented beautifully by their brand new 6 over 6 box frame sash windows and single casement. Here’s some [...]

Choosing the Best Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows for your Home

Do you shriek every time you get your electricity bill? Maybe now is the time to consider replacing your old, leaking windows with new, energy-efficient ones. Windows are a big factor [...]

Do I need planning and building regs approval for my DIY project?

Do I need planning and building regs approval for my DIY project? Three in four homeowners have planned or are carrying out DIY projects during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a [...]

What is a sash window?

What is a sash window? A sash window, or ‘hung sash window’ in North America, is a window that has two frames, one above the other, that open by being moved [...]

How is Float Glass Manufactured?

Glass is used extensively in our everyday lives. It’s used in windows, mirrors and other items like glasses and other homeware pieces. To the untrained eye, it all appears exactly the [...]

How is Crown Glass Manufactured?

Did you know that all glass, even the large sheets used in windows, was at one time hand-blown? Although the image above does not show actual windows being made, you see [...]