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When To Give Up On Repairs

Over the years, we’ve found that some people never really know when to give up on repairs. Although the image above is a very extreme example, it does serve to illustrate [...]

A Guide to Sustainably Sourced Timber

Timber is an invaluable material for many reasons – we burn it for fuel, work with it in architecture, and use it for everything from flooring to furniture, but the importance [...]

Five Reasons to Choose Timber Over uPVC

Whether you’re renovating an existing property, constructing an extension or building your own home from scratch, your choice of sash windows is as important as any other decision you make. When [...]

Sash Window Repair Cost

How much does repair to your sash windows cost? Well, the honest answer is that it depends. It depends on the condition of the window, what you’re trying to achieve and [...]

Sash Window Replacement Cost

How much does a sash window replacement cost, and is it worth it? Well, if your sash windows have become damaged there is a good chance that they are costing you [...]

Standard vs Toughened vs Laminated

When it comes to selecting new windows, if you’re looking to improve the safety of your property, you will need to decide between many different glass types; for example standard, toughened [...]

Quick & Easy Maintenance Techniques

If you are about to have new timber sash windows installed in your property or already have very recently, you will likely want to know how best you can ensure they [...]

How are UPVC Windows Disposed of?

If there is one thing that’s more heavily debated and contested within the windows industry, it’s whether uPVC is actually good for the environment or bad. Despite its popularity as an [...]

Advantages of Aluminium Doors & Windows

Over the last few decades, aluminium doors and windows have become a lot more popular. Things have really changed since the days when people thought you could only get aluminium fixtures [...]

Common Problems With uPVC Windows

It’s easy to get caught up in the sales pitch of the sales team or the multitude of blog posts and articles online that go on and on about how great [...]