Completed Job – Sash Windows & French Door in Hackney

We’ve recently finished a job in Hackney where we installed 3 Sash Windows and 1 French Door. A French Door that leads out onto a balcony is a great choice as [...]

Completed Job – Casement & French Doors in Lambeth

We’ve just finished installing a casement windows and a set of French Doors in lambeth. This customer has opted for satin glass in the bathroom to maximise privacy while allowing natural [...]

Completed Job – Sash Windows in Haringey

We’ve just finished some sash windows in Haringey. If you’d like a price for similar products just head over to our online estimating tool.

Completed Job – Single Glazed Sashes in Greenwich

We’ve recently completed a couple of single glazed sash windows in Greenwich. Although they aren’t as popular as double glazing, they’re requested fairly often and so we’re well versed in their [...]

Completed Job – Sash Window Bay in Hackney

Here’s a sash window bay in Hackney we finished last week. This is a typical Victorian sash window bay which is one of our most requested projects. To see more examples [...]

Completed Job – Sash Windows In Westminster

We’ve just finished installing some new sash windows in Westminster. These are a 3 over 3 ‘wide’ design, which is one of the many types of sash windows that we can [...]

Completed Job – Triple Sash Box in Islington

We recently completed installing a triple box sash window in Islington. These types of sash windows are great for the larger window apertures and they let a large amount of light [...]

Completed Job – Sash Window and Casement Window in Haringey

Our sash windows and casement windows really add to the feel of a property when they’re finished. Here’s some examples of a job we finished last week. Get a price for [...]

Completed Job – Sash Windows in Hackney

One of the jobs we completed last week was the replacement of a sash window bay in Hackney. Click sash windows to see more examples of these products just head over [...]

Completed Job – Sash Windows and Casement Windows in Hackney

We’ve just completed our second job for a customer in Hackney – 12 sash window boxes and some casement windows. Here’s a few pictures from the installation! If you’d like more [...]