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Are you looking for a low maintenance paint solution for your home’s doors and windows? In that case, you should consider microporous paints. A modern solution for the exterior of your property, microporous paints are becoming a more popular solution among homeowners today who want to save time and effort on looking after their home.

Why Is It So Important To Choose The Right Paint For The Exterior Of Your Home?

When it comes to painting your doors and windows, choosing the right paint couldn’t be more important. If your exterior finish fails, there is a high chance of damage to the woodwork due to several environmental factors. This can end up in your having to replace your doors and windows much sooner than you expected.

Some of the problems that your doors and windows face include water ingress, fungal attack and UV damage.

Moisture fluctuations cause the timbers of your doors and windows to expand and contract and the result can be distortion and splitting. When timber has a high moisture content, the paint film can lose adhesion, and this also causes the timber to rot.

When wood has a moisture content of over 22% for extended periods, wet rot can set in due to germination of fungal spores. This too damages the wood of your property’s exterior. This is then combined with damage from UV rays in direct sunlight. If the paint covering exterior timbers fails, the wood will degrade, reducing its capacity to hold paint on its surface.

Finding a way to resolve these issues is key to ensuring maximum protection for the timbers of your windows and doors, and microporous paint could be the ideal solution.

What Is Microporous Paint

“Microporous” is a term which is often used to refer to specialist paints, stains and coatings which act as a form of barrier to water in its liquid form while allowing water vapour through. This means that, while they can keep the rain out, they still enable the wood to breathe and dry out effectively.

Sometimes marked as MVP paint (or moisture vapour permeable) this covering type allows timber to lose moisture more rapidly than a standard paint, preventing moisture from building up under the coating and reducing the chance of the paint losing its adhesion and the timbers rotting.

Why Choose Microporous Paint?

Acrylic microporous water-based paints are a great choice for any homeowner’s exterior woodwork. Some of the benefits include:

  • A low maintenance choice – microporous paint allows for longer periods between redecorations of around five years, rather than 2 to 3 years for a standard paint. Some can even offer effective weather protection for seven years or even longer if properly applied.
  • Low flaking risk – since microporous paint allows the wood to breathe, the finish is able to adhere more effectively to the wood and this reduces the chance of the paint peeling and flaking off.
  • Odour-free – unlike most other paint types, microporous paint produces no unpleasant odour, so it is more pleasant for homeowners to use.
  • Easy maintenance – not only does woodwork painted with microporous paint require repainting less frequently, it is also very easy to clean with no need for any specific products to get it looking its best.
  • Low VOC emissions – microporous paints are environmentally friendly since they have a low level of volatile organic compound emissions, unlike other standard paints.

If you’re choosing a paint for your exterior doors and windows, consider microporous finishes for the longest lasting, most effective result.

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